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Faint or false positive?

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I am 9 days late past my period. I took this test with early morning urine a three days ago. I have another test that shows the same but the second picture won’t upload. Could this be a false positive? Has this ever happened to anyone with clear blue test? My doctors mixed my appointment and I actually see my doctor this Friday instead of today. I think I’m starting to get impatient ☺️

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As long as that line was within the correct timeframe then it looks like a line to me. I’d do another one and see if it’s any darker perhaps xx

Thank you! I will run to the store now 😊.

Ooh looks like a line to me - implantation can vary by quite a few days 😊 please let us know if it’s a definite positive whenever you find out! 🤞 Exciting x

Thank you! I will for sure keep you all posted! I’m hoping that it’s not playing tricks on me. This happened to me with my last pregnancy, two test said negative, then I got a faint positive it took for me to be 7 weeks for it to show a dark line. Now she’s 7 years old hahaha.

I will keep you posted!

Hi lovely the first response are meant to be more sensitive so if you test again maybe try one of those if you feel you get the same with the clear blue. There is definitely a shadow of a line on the clear blue so fingers crossed it gets darker xx

Thank you. I ran out yesterday and tried two different stores for first response test and both stores were sold out. Due to covid the stocking is still low on a lot of things. However, I found a clear blue pink test and a cheapie pink test. Trying with this morning. Hoping for a good outcome.

That looks positive to me. Clear blue are notorious for indent lines but that def looks positive x

My husband and I are crossing our fingers! Thank you 😊

update: This was this morning. Must click on photo.

Pic 1

I would say positive. This happened to me, I did 3 tests and they were all so faint my husband couldn’t see the line, he thought I was mad, but I am now 9 weeks. Fingers crossed for you. X

Congratulations!!!! I can imagine what you were going through before finding out. Nerve wrecking, right? When did a positive show up on your test? I just posted an updated photo. I keep (what seems to be) getting evap lines.

Hey there, I can see a faint line in the clear blue but nothing on the first response. I would keep testing, fingers crossed!

Hey. Just an update. I went to the doctors and they said my test came back negative. So my doctor did a blood test and said to test again in a few days while my husband and I waited for the results. I took another test this morning. Could anyone tell me if this looks like an evap line? I said I wouldn’t test again until I heard from my doctor but I had an extra one and thought, why not. I’ll post a flash and no flash.

Pic with no flash

It doesn't look like an evap line as its blue so there is some dye there rather than just evaporation. Was the photo taken within the time frame to read the test though?

Strange thing is when I first did the test it was showing a little faint (what I thought my eyes were seeing) then my 10 mins timer went off and there was a littleeee faint line. I started cooking and looked again and there this was. I’m not sure if it’s a evap or bfp. But I each test I’ve taken previously shows faint after while.

I think it looks positive, I'd use a pink dye test and see what that looks like, they don't have evaporation lines so even a faint line would be a positive.

Really? & I took a pink dye a few days ago and it was faint. I kept the pink dye test and we can still see a little faint line.

Here’s a picture of today’s test with the flash light on.

Flash pic

Hey there! These tests do look positive however, I note that you’re looking at the tests after quite a long period of time - you’re only supposed to read your results within the specified time, not after. The reason bring after a longer period you’re more likely to be seeing an evap line.I really hope you do get your BFP but don’t be tempted to read tests results after the time stated in the instructions. Good luck!

Yes, but not long after looking. I will test again in the morning. We brought one more test just to be sure. & Thank you!

Well good luck this morning then, keep us posted!x

Looks positive to me, mine was exactly the same on a pink test. I took about three in excitement and finally a blood test at the doctor the next day around day 11 after my period confirmed the pregnancy. I’m now 36 weeks pregnant.

My very first test. Faint line. It’s more common to have false negatives than false +

Thank you & Congrats!! That’s so enlightening to hear. Wishing you all the best with you and baby!! Xxx

Thank you, praying for the best outcome for you as well.

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