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Positive or evaporation line?

Hello everyone!! I am having some confusion on my tests. I keep getting positive blue dye tests but negative pink. I just got off depo 4 months ago and am late for August. I can’t tell if this is a true positive or an evaporation line. I’ve heard these tests get it a lot but I’ve gotten 3 positives taking blue dye tests.

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As long as you read it within the timeframe it tells you that looks like a strong positive to me. Congratulations

I would also say that is definitely positive (providing you didn’t leave it too long to read). Congrats!

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Thank you for the feedback! I waited to test this week with a first response and I got this result almost instantly so still not so sure. I just went ahead and scheduled a visit with my doctor.

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My test with my first pregnancy came up positive before I finished peeing on the stick, it’s definitely a positive 💕

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Thank you so much for the input! 😊 I will make an update on Monday after my ultrasound.

You could try a digital - that way it’s written in words.

Just doing an update on my tests. It came back negative at the doctors. I must have had a faulty clear blue and misread the first response. I wasn’t trying to be pregnant so it works out for me. But I don’t trust ClearBlue anymore!

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