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How did you feel the day before labour?

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How did you feel the day before labour?

I’m a FTM looking for some signs!

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You might have loose stools, that's actually a pretty common sign labour is going to start soon. Good luck xxx

I was going to say this, I pooped like I’ve never pooped before 😆

Personally the day before and the morning of I just felt ‘different’ and it’s really weird to describe, I’d already gone through my nesting period and then I just felt different, so different that I convinced myself I wasn’t in labour even when I’d lost my plug etc☺️ Good luck mama! You’ll know the feeling when it happens, if you’re close to due, get on a birthing ball, I’m convinced that’s what helped me☺️

The only change for me was that I suddenly wanted to clean and tidy EVERYTHING I had been quite relaxed up until the day before and then I was barking orders at everyone to HURRY UP and be ready as baby was gonna come soon 😂😂😂 I also had a burst of energy (and strength) that I hadn’t had all pregnancy lol wishing you lots of luck 🤗 xx

Completely normal apart from the fact I was super thirsty 😂

Ah great question! I felt suddenly absolutely and totally exhausted the day before. I was in full energy mode and suddenly I had no energy to even chew my food. I just wanted to lie down.

The next morning my waters broke and I felt an amazing sense of calm and strength, which was very different to how anxious I had felt about the birth until then.

I hope I can follow your lead! As I am anxious about labour! X

Completely natural! I found a good birth plan extremely reassuring and having a doula made a huge difference for me. I would highly recommend having a doula to advocate for you and support you on the lead up and during the birth.

I felt exactly the same as before except I couldn't ignore or forget about the more frequent, regular, and long Braxton-Hicks. I also really felt like going out for a walk / groceries as it just made sense to go now and buy some fancy snacks (which I ended up not needing lol). While walking my contractions became stronger to the point I knew I was in early labour - I had to stop and lean on my man in the shop while they passed, even though they were every 10-20mins apart by then. Everyone is different though. Especially for a first time mum, it might well be that you and your body will slowly ease into the process, as something very continuous! My midwife said that there is not a set time where a contraction is not a Braxton-Hicks anymore and is a real contraction - a contraction is a contraction, those are just names we give to the extremes of the spectrum. That was definitely my experience. Best wishes to you : )

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Thank you! I’m in for a stretch and sweep today.

I can’t even say I’ve had any braxton hicks - and I’m sure I can’t be that oblivious! Lol!

I’ve been waiting for the plop of a plug or a woosh of waters… but no, nothing!

Not that I’m eager to experience labour! 😬

Im just such a planner I’d like to know when! X

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Do you have an indication for trying the stretch and sweep? I mean - depending o your situation - you could wait if you wanted to!

Some women have no signs and boom it starts. So different for every one : )

Best wishes!

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