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Teething and weight or not enough milk?

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Hi all, I am worried, my 5 months old son is not gained enough weight as his teething is taking longer then expected.

His first 3 months went so well , he got 700/800 grams each month, from months 4 he started to decrease (600g) and yesterday (5months old) he was just 530g up the previous month.

I've just tought, may this be cause he is getting worse with his teething ?

I am totally breastfeeding and he wants eating many times during the day,even if for short; at this point, he isn't eating what he should??

This happend to anyone else?

Thank you in advance.

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Have you compared the weight gain to a growth chart? Weight gain isnt linear they gain more each month when they are younger and it slows down. I also wouldn't worry too much about weight gain if they are happy and having wet and dirty nappies then your doing fine.

Hi Claire, thank you so much for you response.Yes, I compared and everything is ok with the chart, always the same percentile but I was not sure about the weight because lately he spends most time to cry but probably just 'cause we moved house and he needs to realize.

We all got stressed and my worries was "I have not enough milk as my breast is softer or he cries for teething..."

Teething definitely makes them cry and grumpy. It's really quite painful. It's probably got nothing to do with your milk. Though you will find that they will feed more for comfort if they are feeling unsure about things.

Hi there! As the previous reply, newborns are expected to gain 120 to 150 gr each week, but then that decrease to 80-100gr as your baby grows. Check it on the growth chart, if your baby is following his percentile everything is fine. There is usually concerns just if your baby suddenly drops two lines percentile down (and that means basically gaining 40gr in a month, which happened to my baby when she was 2 months old, but she recovered nicely and now she's a very strong 7 months old!).Of course if you are worried talk to your gp but if your baby looks healthy and is happy, there shouldn't be any problem.

The fact that he latches several times over the day could be for different reasons than just feeding, he might be needing a bit of comfort or be thirsty... or he could be trying to increase your supply.


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Stefyx in reply to Greenmum

Hi Greenmum, thank you for your answer🙂.Yes I knew that but my worries is always there😔.

I can't understand why he is gained less when my first one that she has always reached more then 1kg every months.

On the charts all correct and the right percentile on head circumference, weight and lenght.

Could be a decrease in milk if I get too stressed?

We moved house.... I also noticed that if I pump it comes out just a bit like 30 or 60grams...

Would be shame start, at this time, with formula😪

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Greenmum in reply to Stefyx

I totally get why you are worrying but if the growth chart is ok then it could just be a temporary adjustment for your baby.It just happened the same to my cousin, her 5 months old daughter didn't put on the usual weight last month, they were considering starting formula but the pediatric gave her some supplements to help the milk supply and everything is back on track now.

Be reassured that pumping just 30-60gr doesn't mean that your baby is just eating that when he latches, they can be far more effective than a pump.

If in a couple of weeks you still feel concerned you can always start to give him some fruit. It would be better to wait till they are 6 months old but you can always gently start to introduce some fruit (apple, pear...) to give him something more to snack on.

But again, if your baby is healthy and happy, do not overworry and follow his lead.

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Stefyx in reply to Greenmum

Thank you so much for your help♥️...this definetely makes me feel better.

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Greenmum in reply to Stefyx

My pleasure! Hope your baby will keep healthy and that won't be too troubled with teething!

I assume that someone has been weighing baby rather than yourself. If so ask they to fill in your red book and see what curve he's following. Babies slow down in weight gain, otherwise they would be gaining a close stone a year.

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Stefyx in reply to roxannacar

Yes, the Health visitor got the firsts mesurement but after that I didn't need the necessity to go there as my son was growing so well, I know newborn use to get 150/200g each week and it has always been in that way, this month instead he has just reached 530g and my worries is "not enough milk cause I got stressed moving home or he just needs to get used to a new house?"Start with formula at this point would be really shame😔.

Thank you so much for your answer🙂.

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roxannacar in reply to Stefyx

If baby is moving along the centile then there is no weight concern. They don't gain a fixed weight every month, as it decreases as they get older. Get in touch with your health visitor so she reassure you.

Teething has nothing to do with weight gain. They will come when the come and it can be a long process. My boy first showed signs of teething at about 4 months but his first tooth didnt appear until he was 1.

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Stefyx in reply to SRA8

Hi SRA8, I have read somewhere that infant may have problem gain weight while teething as the pain not let they feed properly.My boy started with some signal at 2 months and now at 5 anything yet.

I hope to see his firts tooth soon so his pain will be less than ever😊

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SRA8 in reply to Stefyx

Ah. I see what you mean. I thought you meant the slow weight would stop his teeth coming through.

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