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Is bike OK exercise during pregnancy?

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I just found out this we im pregnant, very surprised and happy. Just wondering I currently bike to work everyday there and back takes me about 15 mintues. Is this still counting as regular exercise or is it to much pressure on the baby?

Any advice would be appreciated, lots of questions and thoughts 🤔

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Here’s a really good article I just found

As long as your careful you should be ok xx

Thank you, for the article its brillant x

Hi!As long as you are careful and avoid to strain is going to be ok!

I was going to all my scans and midwife appointments cycling as I wanted to avoid buses due to covid and they were always happy for me to do so. I stopped cycling on my third trimestre.

Just be aware and listen to your body and keep in mind that your balance can change over pregnancy as well.

Best of luck with your journey!

Thank you for the advice it has ease my mind a lot more.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Cycling as an exercise is fine, the biggest risk is from falling. So if you're confident, careful, and listen to your body, you should be ok.

You may have to stop later in your pregnancy because your balance changes. E.g. I'm in my third trimester and I find walking on uneven terrain challenging, so hikes I used to do regularly, I had to shorten and change.

That's for the advice, im just trying to gather as much information as possible this has been a big help.

Check the NHS website

Congratulations! Gentle cycling should be fine in my experience. After the first trimester I stopped road cycling/careful off road biking and just used my bike around town as transport. I kept cycling up to 39 weeks I think when I just couldn't be bothered anymore!!

Brillant at least I know know I can go on for a while until my body says no more. Thanks for the help.

I am 24 weeks and keep cycling here and there as well, no red flags from mid wife!

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