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Gestational diabetes test at 36wks

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Just had a phonecall from midwife requesting i go for a glucose blood test due to my BMI being 31. I haven't been weighed since 24wks but all my fundal height measurements have been big and no concern shown or growth scans organised.

I am not anxious and worried that If i have GD and its only just being detected that something could happen to baby, alos feeling really guilty that I'm failing or failed myself partner and baby

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I have had gestational diabetes on both my pregnancies, one detected at 28 weeks, gave birth to a healthy baby girl and this pregnancy at my 8 week booking in appointment, I'm currently nearly 34 weeks, and all is looking good. At 36 weeks, you've only got a few weeks to go and if baby is happy and moving well, you'll probably just be checked to see if baby is on the big side and maybe they'll look at inducing you and getting your blood sugars under control for the last few weeks, but it's just a case of eating low carb and no sugar. They might give you insulin or Metformin tablets to help.

I was also told to hand express some colustrum and freeze it, for after baby's arrival so that they could have extra if they had low blood sugar, which I started doing at 37 weeks. My little one only had 1 low blood sugar reading and had a little bit of glucose syrup and lots of boob and syringe of my expressed milk and was absolutely fine.

It's really common and the diabetes teams are excellent, I've been seen every three weeks this pregnancy and they really do go through everything with you of what you need to do if you have it. They'll talk you through the diet, blood testing etc. You definitely haven't failed your baby or partner, good luck xxx

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Thank you for your reply its just been a bit of a shock and i used Dr Google which has caused me to panic. I thought i might have been testes earlier or sent for growth scan with my fundal height measurements being well above the curves, but midwifes said they weren't concerned about anything, also havent been weighed since 24wks

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Dr Google is the worst! Fundal height is quite unreliable too, but the good thing is that if the fundal height is showing you as big or small they give you extra care to make sure they cover all bases. Which is great Hope your test goes OK xx

When I was pregnant, the hospital's policy was to screen most mums-to-be for GD, regardless of weight/size etc

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They only screen now if you are high risk at the beginning of the pregnancy or diabetes runs in family, which it doesn't and i wasn't classed as high risk. Just feel like they may have left it too late to test, i have had no extra care or treatment for measuring big from 28wks midwife just said as measurments are following the curve its all OK, until yesterday when she weighed me

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I just want to give you some hopefully words. They always get wrong with their measurements. I think now it’s part of their protocols to screen most people for diabetes regardless of risks factor. Don’t worry there are best specialists diabetes nurses who will guide you into your diet and your BMs as the ladies have mentioned above. Hope your test turns to be ok

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