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9 weeks and miserable

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First time posting here. 1st pregnancy after IVF (woohoo) and soooo pleased we have been successful which makes this post even harder to write. I am just feeling so miserable due to nausea and sickness. Tried everything I can to help and been prescribed some antisickness that aren't helping :( I feel so guilty for saying how miserable I feel, as this pregnancy is so longed for, but I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and hoped for some reassuring words. Been feeling like this since week 5 so it feels like it has been a lifetime!

Not really a question to anyone but hoping to speak to people who understand! X

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Hi ourtimewillcome, have you talked to your doctor to make sure you are taking all the meds that you are allowed? 😊 I am sorry you are feeling miserable and I can relate - I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and was totally and utterly miserable. I'm now 17 weeks and have finally gotten two good days were the vomiting and nausea eased up. I understand how grateful you are to be pregnant but how miserable you are physically feeling. Try to be gentle with yourself. It's OK to feel sick and tired of being sick all the time. It isn't easy! And if you're like me...you're probably worried about the baby every day! 😅 Just do what you need to do to make the sickness a bit better for yourself. I was told that the 20 week mark is when most sufferers of HG seem to feel better so I kept holding out for it! I'm sure that we can endure ANYTHING for our little ones! I hope you start to feel better soon..and just rest and keep your fluids up! 😉 Good luck!

Thank you so much for replying and congratulations on your pregnancy! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time as well, hope you're out the worst of it soon. I definitely am going to speak to GP again if these meds continue not to work. I thought I would absolutely relish being pregnant, and I really hope I do come the 2nd trimester but my goodness so far it has been extremely draining physically and now becoming draining mentally. Thank you again for your kind words, you've given me hope :) x

I also found the meds didn't work for me BUT the under tongue wafer coupled with a vomit soon afterwards would give me some relief for an hour or two! 😉 We can do this! I can't wait to feel better and hopefully start to enjoy being pregnant! Xxx

Hello, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy! My son is an IVF baby and I suffered with nausea and sickness for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy. After all I had been through to get to that point I just wanted to enjoy every moment but I was just so fed up with feeling rubbish! I did start to feel much better after the 20 week scan and I know for some people the sickness doesn’t last anywhere near as long as that. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. It’s also perfectly ok to be overjoyed to be pregnant after IVF and to feel miserable and fed up with the sickness at the same time, no need to feel guilty at all. Just wanted to say that I completely empathise and hope you start to feel better soon. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy x

Thank you so much for your reply! This heat isn't helping either! Trying to take more fluids, but if I guzzle down water it all comes back again. Loving all the reassuring comments :) x

Congratulations and wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. Fellow IVF pregnancy here (our 4th round) and I also had hyperemesis between 5 and 16 weeks, was feeling pretty much fully better by 18.

The first trimester is really hard, I found that ice pops were one of the few things I could stomach - practically lived off of lime calippos and pregnacare!

If you can find anything you manage to stomach then that'll help you build up some strength, it really does feel less miserable when you can manage to keep something down.

Best wishes for your pregnancy

Some great advice thank you. Husband got sent to the shop immediately afterwards to buy all the ice lollies he can find. They definitely have helped :) x

That's good to hear, they'll help keep you hydrated which is at least half the battle!

My nausea isn’t as bad as yours sounds but good quality ginger beer I have found amazing (my fave is Fever Tree). Also salted pretzels have been a lifesaver to keep next to the bed if you can face them. A friend recommended little sips of just plain fizzy water when hers was really bad. Xx

I was like this until baby arrived! just because we had to jump through hoops to have our babies doesn't mean that we cant moan about feeling crappy ❤️❤️ xxxx

Wow all that time?! You must've found that tough!

Yep, since bag on 6 weeks. The only time I felt OK was when we were 8 weeks pregnant for 2 weeks when we were abroad, but I was still physically sick every night. The moment we touched down the nausea came back. My advice, get out in the sun and see if it helps! X

Hello there, I could have literally written this about myself. Failed ivf, miscarriage and then pregnancy which is progressing well as I'm 26 weeks now. However, like you I had horrendous nausea which was there morning noon and night. The only time I felt better was when I was asleep. I was miserable. BUT, keep with it lovely as tgis feeling does come to end. I would say week 9 is the worst as it peaks around this time but my symptoms started to ease off around week 13. Then I've had the most wonderful 2nd trimester where I don't even feel pregnant half the time. You're nearly through the worst and there is light at the end of the tunnel where you will enjoy your pregnancy after everything that you have been through. Good luck x

Thank you so much for this. Let's hope it passes soon x

Congratulations! I really hope it subsides for you soon.

I am honestly feeling similar. We had a miscarriage earlier this year at 10 weeks, during that pregnancy I felt completely well other than some tiredness and my hormones causing my wisdom tooth to come through. We’ve been longing for a pregnancy but I’m only 5 weeks and already feel sick all the time. I get a bit of relief if I am eating something so I’ve just been eating non stop.

I’ve just ordered loads of Gin Gins to be delivered ASAP in the hope that they will help. As you’ve said in your other comments, I’m sure the heat is absolutely not helping, hopefully we’ll get a bit of respite when the cooler weather comes this weekend/next week!

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage but also congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope you start to feel better soon as well x

Congratulations!sorry about how you feel. I am not IVF but I'm also 9 weeks and I've reported same weakness from weak 5 . It can be tiring. I've finally been told at the hospital after several tests and all, to just REST IT out. I was told different people react differently in the first trimester. I consider us special at this time. Please get as much rest as you can. In the beginning, i was angry and miserable because i couldn't get back to my active life but since tuesday, I've learnt to enjoy my rest before our bundle of joy arrives and we start having them run around😀. Please rest. It will get better as we progress. Bless you sis

Good luck with the rest of yours too. Growing a little human is hard work :) x

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