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Crying unless latched. She goes red and won't stop for anything.

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Today was a really hard today my baby is nearly 4 weeks old and I have been up since half 3 with her feeding almost every 20 minute or will cry if she isnt latched on. My nipples are sore and my emotions are drained. So my husband has given her a bottle of formula and now she is asleep and seems much happier.

Is it my milk supply or is there something with her or me? Can anyone help please.

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It sounds like a growth spurt and that she's upping your supply. Very normal behaviour and definitely the hardest few weeks to get through with feeding.If she's having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and gaining weight there's absolutely nothing wrong with your supply.

If giving some formula gives you a bit of a break, then do it and enjoy the rest, but just be careful you don't get onto a bit of a top up trap. The more formula you give the less milk you'll produce, so if you miss a feed up give formula you might want to pump or hand express.

I definitely recommend some good lanolin cream for your nipples, my favourite was the Weleda and maybe get your latch double checked with your local feeding team or health visitor, if feeding is making you sure.

Those first few weeks of feeding were definitely the hardest bit for me, but between 8 to 12 weeks everything just clicked and feeding became second nature. I found the wonder weeks apps really helpful as that gives you lots of information about developmental leaps so when baby might be more fussy.

Congratulations on your baby xx

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This is only the second time we have had to do this. Up until now it has been amazing to breastfeed her but today she would cry not being latched and when she is latched she would still cry (scream and get ready worked up). She will eat every 3-4 hours normally and i have been pumping when this has happened. I just really feel like giving up and just feeding her formula from now on but I really love feeding her. I am so torn and upset

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Some great advice I got given was not to give up on a bad day, tomorrow might be a totally different day and you might go back to having a fantastic breastfeeding journey.I think we've all been there on days when it just felt too much, and then had others when it's the most loveliest feeling in the world.

The great thing is you've fed baby for 4 amazing weeks which is fantastic and there's no way baby is going to go hungry with breast or formula available so either way, baby is getting taking care of and you're doing an amazing job ❤️❤️

Sounds like you’re having a really tough time. Have you had the little one checked for tongue tie? My baby’s tongue was tied and it ultimately meant she wasn’t get enough to eat because she couldn’t latch well, so was always hungry. Because she couldn’t remove the milk well it ended up tanking my milk supply, which exacerbated the problem.

If your nipples are sore too that could also be a sign.


Oh i didnt know that, ok ill call and book a appointment tomorrow. Thank you. This morning is a better today I am well slept and even had a shower thanks to my husband ❤️

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