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No movement 22 weeks, anterior placenta

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Hi all. I have not felt any definitive movements yet and I’m 22 weeks pregnant. I was told at 20 week scan that I have anterior placenta (at front) so that will be why. Still can’t help worry. Anyone else had this?

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I also had anterior placenta and so I rarely felt their movements until much later like 30 weeks or so

It can be like that but if ur are worried call ur midwife


Yes I've got the same thing and I was panicking I couldn't feel anything at about the same time. I'd start to feel something then it would stop. This is my first baby so didn't know what to expect! I ended up going in for extra reassurance checks and everything was fine. Had a scan and could see her kicking but I just couldn't feel it. She was using my placenta as a punchbag! Felt a bit silly for making a fuss but glad I went, much better than worrying about it.

I'm 31 weeks now and have been feeling regular movement since about 24 weeks. Try not to worry although I know that's difficult. If you really think something is wrong tell your midwife and get checked out. They'd rather be sure all is OK.

Take care of yourself, this pregnancy stuff is hard :) x

I had anterior as well as didn’t feel anything really until 26 weeks!

Same here! Didn’t feel much nor could I understand what was “normal” for me until about 28 weeks! I’m 37 weeks now.

I was the same. It was about 22 weeks when I first felt something then as others have said, a lot later than that when I discovered what was normal for me x

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