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First time pregnancy help!

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Hi guys, found I was 2-3 weeks pregnant and contacted my doctor as that what google said to do but they said you don’t need to contact us and to go to your local hospital maternity website. And logged my pregnancy on there is that correct and have a “my pregnancy notes page” will someone get in contact me for a scan in 10 weeks? Also I haven’t had a period since April but the pregnancy stick only showed a positive last week and did a weeks one and it says 1-2 weeks.

Just need some useless information instead of getting lost on google for hours🤣. Thankyou xxxx

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I don’t know where you are but in Scotland you book it yourself, in NI the gp refers you. Can you ring the hospital and speak to someone?

The digital tests are a rough guide on hormone levels and usually say add 2 weeks onto the results. So 2-3 weeks becomes 4-5 weeks.

GPs don’t generally check you as home testing is so accurate, if that’s what he’s told you to do then a midwife should be in touch to arrange your booking in appointment where you go through family history, general health and have bloods taken to check iron levels and blood group among a few other things. Scan will be arranged after that. Midwife may refer you sooner if your not sure on dates x

Congratulations on the upcoming baby!

Something that I found surprising was that "9 months" of pregnancy is measured from first day of last period, not date of conception. Here's a helpful calculator for due dates:

At the 10-12 week scan they try to give you a "more accurate" due date based on measuring the baby, which is used to determine what time future scans/appointments should be and to make medical decisions about when the baby would be considered overdue.

If you're in England, there's usually a midwife appointment at 8 weeks, which is the first time I saw health care worker (even though I also tried to call my GP's office at the first sign of a positive pregnancy test, and was told they don't need to see me). You might be able to ask your GP's office to book this for you, or see what team of midwives works with your local hospital and call them for an appointment. The 8 week appointment is very helpful from the point of view of explaining what to expect in terms of future appointments too.

In the meantime, the internet guides I found most helpful were the list of foods to avoid:

and the start4life weekly newsletter to tell me what was going on at each week:

Finally, it is generally a good idea to start taking prenatal vitamins right away if you aren't already! You don't need a prescription for this, they're available many regular grocery stores in addition to pharmacies, and brands like Pregnacare have all-in-one types that can be used throughout pregnancy.

Good luck!

My doctors were not much use either. They didn’t even open the door (due to pandemic) the just passed a plastic wallet with some Leaflets out the window! Then the leaflet was photocopied so badly the number I had to call was not printed properly!! Once I called local midwife number though they were fab and have been ever since. I found out at 5 weeks and saw midwife at 9. Try to contact your local midwife team at local hospital and I’m sure you will have more luck!

For booking in appointment- I wished I had taken a notebook! So much information given when your brain is whirling already!

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