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Am I pregnant?

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Hi all

This year I’ve had 2 miscarriages, one at 8 weeks and I ended up in hospital which took a while for me to recover from then what I believe is a chemical at 5 weeks but my doctor classed it as a miscarriage so I could have testing should I have a 3rd.

we took a break but first month back to it and I’ve got these tests - I had a squinter stroke 9dpo but 10 dpo they seem a bit more readable. Could this be it?

im not getting my hopes up as I’ve lost two and I’m preparing for it to happen a 3rd time :( the FRER I just took and I’ve drank a pint of water the two easy at homes were FMU xx

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Fingers crossed for you! It is still so early but I agree there’s a line. It never really feels real until the 12 week scan but my best wishes it will turn out well for you this time.

I asked my GP for a couple of HCG tests to monitor the increase and check it’s doubling as it should from about 4-5 weeks to 6 weeks when we finally saw a heartbeat. They are not always supportive but if you have a good GP perhaps you can ask for your own peace of mind.


Thank you! Luckily my gp is great and I had HCG with my second loss and she put it down as a miscarriage although it’s technically a chemical so I’ll be calling tomorrow if all continues to be well. 🤞

They do look faintly positive to me. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way xx

Hey mine where like this fingers crossed for you and hope baby sticks xxxx

Amazing to hear thank you for responding. Xx

Just sending you some luck 🍀 and good wishes. We had a miscarriage in October and nothing since. Really hope you have a happier outcome this time.

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Thank you so much. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage it really is the most painful thing. Sending you love and luck to ❤️ I had a slightly darker test today just praying it continues. Xxx

Just wanted to update that my lines got darker but today they’re almost gone. I’m a few days past my missed period so clearly I’m loosing this one again :( 3rd time now. Hoping to get some answers.

Oh no! I hope not. Sending well wishes, hopefully it sticks ❤

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