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Sweep and stretch

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I’m having.a sweep and stretch next week (38 weeks pregnant) I’m just wondering if it worked for any of you ladies?

Thanks :)

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Hi…I had 3 of these before it actually worked. I think the 1st one was at week 40 so later than yours, before then the baby’s head wasn’t low enough to go ahead. It doesn’t hurt. Went into labor in less than 24h on the last go. Good luck!

Thank you for replying :) I’m only having it at 38 weeks because baby isn’t growing as much as they’d like him to, and they’ve said if it doesn’t work I will have to be induced, and I’ve read up on being induced and it’s a lot more painful so I really hope the sweep works! X

Yes had one at 38 weeks at about 12.30pm lunchtime - midwife said she didn’t think it had worked and not to expect anything to happen - waters broke at 7.30pm that night and off I went to hospital! Baby now 6 weeks old 😆

Brilliant news! Congratulations x

Worked for me at 38+3. Was due for induction on the Friday afternoon at 39 weeks but the sweep brought on labour/waters breaking the morning I was due the induction 👍🏼 Wishing you lots of luck for babies arrival xxx

I had 3 sweeps and none worked i ended up getting induced a week later. My baby girl is now 4 weeks old but everyone is different they work for some and not others. Xx

Yes I had 1 and caught an infection which gave me a fever, had another one booked but because I called in to report my fever they said come in for an assessment and they admitted me because I was over due, had baby via c section

My midwife tried a sweep at 40 weeks but couldn’t as baby was too high. I desperately didn’t want an induction because of the stories I heard about the pain but ended up being induced a week later as nothing was happening. Just here to say don’t worry - my induction experience was really positive & after the pessary was in baby girl arrived 4 hours later (2 weeks ago). She’s my second & it was no more painful than the first. Do what’s best for you & your baby & try not to worry xxx

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Thank you 😊 xx

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