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Sweep and induction question

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If you have a sweep and it doesn’t work, do you have to have a an induction?

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Not necessarily, if your sweeps don't bring on labour and there's no concerns about baby, you can go up to 2 weeks past your due date normally. Your midwife is best to advise you on what your best options are depending on your own circumstances.

Our trust advise 12days post due date for induction regardless of whether or not a sweep is done/unsuccessful. Sweeps are optional, and induction can also be refused and close monitoring offered instead providing there are no complications x

Hello. Firstly, you don’t have to do anything it is your body and your pregnancy. Having said that, there is a reason why inductions are offered post due date and it all depends on your medical history and your pregnancy. Your midwife should be the best person to advise you and give you the reasons why but ultimately it is your decision what you do.

So many women do what they are “told” without asking why and it can really affect their confidence and peace of mind post delivery as they feel they didn’t have a choice. Sometimes there is only 1 choice but it’s yours to make.

Good luck with the rest of your journey xx

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Also safety for baby

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PinkBrodie in reply to Shopper85

I completely agree but it is still your decision to make. All I’m saying is don’t be afraid to ask the questions so you can make an informed decision

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Ah right I never knew this but in a sense I'm glad I had the sweep as it gave me an infection which made me call in earlier for an assessment then they discovered baby had done a meconium inside me which could make baby deteriorate so the longer I left it to the next sweep or even induction would be a risk to the baby. So I think it's a good idea

I had sweep offered but refused and got put down for induction at 41.5 weeks but didn't go through with it as labour started the night before. Don't worry if it didn't worked, baby is just not ready to come out yet. Just observe the movements and if everything is OK wait until your induction, no need to hurry. Good luck x

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Shopper85 in reply to Andia1

I had sweep booked for 40 weeks then 41 weeks, but at 40 +3 I caught infection due to being over due so it does carry risks even though baby isn't ready to come out, safety for baby means she has to come out . Mine was via c section no time to wait for labour

Thanks all. Was trying to get a sense of by doing the sweep, am I going to trigger a whole load of other consequences.

I’m booked on for an induction day after due date which could b changed for a c section if I want. Not advised to go past due date and we’re comfortable with that.

Sweep is 6 days before due date. I have vaginismus, so doc suggested I go for the sweep as a way of checking if I’d be able to manage coping with the vaginal interventions expected with an induction. And might help with bringing labour on before due date.

Sweeps are very hit and miss so don’t worry about that.

Hope everything goes well when the time comes x

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