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Am I have a miscarriage?

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I am 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. I’ve had brown spotting for 3 days now. I have lower back and stomach pain but not as bad as a period. Usually when I just wipe but this was when I got out the bath. The hospital said not to worry but they won’t scan me. I am really worried, this is my first pregnancy.

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If EPU flat refuse to scan you you can get private scans pretty quickly and they are usually less than £100. Might be good for peace of mind. It may well be nothing and bleeding is common but totally understand your worry xx

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That was from when I got back from the shops. It’s brown. Not red. So they won’t see me. I have an awful back pain. I’m paying for a scan for Sunday but I’m still worrying! x

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Oh bless you how scary. Take some comfort it is brown and not red, and if EPU were really worried they would have you in. Hope all goes well on Sunday xx

Sadly I think you could be 💔 ring your local hospital and get checked out x

Bleeding is quite common innearly pregnancy. I had awful cramps throughout my entire first trimester. When I had my first scan at 7 weeks there was a heamatoma/clot from aggressive implantation they said. I felt like I was about to start my period the entire time.

I bleed three times in early pregnancy it could be where the embryo is burying or if you had sexual intercourse it can irritate the cervix and cause old blood. I had to wait 3 days and thankfully it stopped. We had an early scan at 6week and the baby had a strong heartbeat I’m now 35wks.

I think you might... Have you been recently vaccinated?

I have not been vaccinated, no. I woke up today with sorer boobs than previous and the worst morning sickness. I’m assuming this is a good sign. The cramping has stopped and minimal brown when wiping now. Scan tomorrow so praying all is well.

I had very similar brown spotting at 10 weeks. It lasted a whole week and baby was fine...but I was panicked! Try to calm down (pretty impossible if you are anything like me) and wait for the scan. I was told that there was nothing they could do if I were miscarrying and that I shouldn't worry unless the blood turned red and I got heavier. Best of luck to you! I really hope that bubs is ok!! Xx

I had spotting with two of my pregnancies, my first pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage which they found at my 12 week scan and the second I went on to have a healthy pregnancy, so there's really no way of telling just from bleeding alone. It's so stressful not knowing so my heart goes out to you. Hopefully they'll be able to tell you for definite at your scan tomorrow. Good luck for tomorrow xxx

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