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Morning sickness

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8 weeks pregnant and feeling absolutely dreadful, constantly exhausted and feeling nauseous all day! 🤢💤Any tips/suggestions?? Have a toddler as well and feeling guilty I don’t have the energy to do what I would normally with him!! Any advice would be much appreciated 😊

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I have been mostly keeping it at bay with little sips of good quality ginger beer (like Fevertree or Belvoir) and low dose vitamin B6 (10 mg morning and evening, Pregnacare has it in and take that at lunch so 3x a day total). I also have some gluten free salty pretzels I keep by the bed and eat 2 or 3 of those when needed eg 4am as I apparently no longer get any sleep! A friend recommended little sips of sparkling water. I really feel for you as I am not even trying to contend with a toddler! xx

Funny thing you commented exactly what I was going to say. Ginger beer and vitamin B6

I’m loving my ginger beer!! Xx

lol same here

Thanks for your reply and your suggestions, I will definitely try some ginger beer! I’ve got ginger biscuits and they helped a bit this morning and ritz crackers are always at hand!! I will try the vitamin too!

Hope you start to feel better soon. How far gone are you? X

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Purpledoggy in reply to Luna11

7+4 so just behind you. The feeling crap has definitely gotten more noticeable over the last few days although it’s been building since about 6 weeks. I suppose I feel oddly reassured-it’s my first and through IVF so I guess it’s hopefully a good sign there’s still someone in there! I have a viability scan on Thursday so will feel less anxious when that’s all ok.

The b6 I got from amazon-it’s hard to find in a low dose and I think the smallest from H&B is 50mg.

Hope you feel better soon too! Xx

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Luna11 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thanks for that, I will have a look on Amazon!

Mine is through IVF too, we were so lucky that both cycles have ended with a little one inside!! It still blows my mind!!

Good luck with your scan, it’s the most amazing thing seeing the little heart beat, does make the sickness all the more worth it xx

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Purpledoggy in reply to Luna11

Ah amazing! We have some frosties so really hoping we might be able to squeak in another. Best of luck with the pregnancy (and nausea!) xx

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Luna11 in reply to Purpledoggy

Same to you x

Hi there, I am exactly the same as you…. 8 weeks pregnant and a little toddler to look after. I have been feeling awful for the past few weeks - really since about week 4 onwards and it is really hard! I’ve had to nap when toddler naps and sleep seems to have left me at night time…. Even though I’m exhausted. I wish I could suggest something to help but I too am searching for the answer lol! Just wanted to let you know that I feel your suffering too….. and worry over not being as able with the toddler….. us women tend to worry about everything don’t we! Last night was a new for me, I got up about 2am for a cracker or something to try and ease the sickness, pains, low feeling….. I felt a bit dizzy and the next thing I knew, our little dog was licking my face (brought me round) and I was lying with my head under a kitchen chair (don’t ask how I ended up like that) ….. so I think little and often is the key to keep our energy levels up. Wishing you every success with this pregnancy. We found out we’re having twins so advised that the sickness I’m feeling is double what I felt for our first little one. Xx

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Luna11 in reply to Smiler1001

Wow! Congratulations on twins, that’s amazing news, tho not double the sickness!! Maybe take the crackers to bed with you so you don’t end up fainting again, that must of been horrible for you.

And Yeah we definitely do worry about everything, I’ve had proper mum guilt this weekend, I just want to be able to take him out but instead we’ve watched a lot of tv as I’ve had zero energy to do anything, even a shower has been effort!! I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow!!

Take care xx

Sorry to hear this :-( morning sickness is horrible! I’m 23 +3 weeks now but I had it so badly from about week 6. I would keep some plain crisps and a banana by the side of my bed and if wake up feeling sick in the night have a nibble on them. I threw up a lot so just ate what i could - don’t feel guilty if it’s not “healthy”! Small nibbles and sips of water is good. Ginger did nothing for me but it’s definitely worth a try! If you can’t keep anything down give the doctor a ring because they can prescribe you something to stop you getting dehydrated - I had cyclizine and it worked wonders! Good luck and remember you will get through this! Xxx

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Luna11 in reply to Rainbowkitten

Thanks for your message!! Definitely need something near my bed for first thing in the morning!! 👍🏻👍🏻 xx

Ice lollies were the only thing I could keep down and gave me some energy, I also changed the time I was taking my pregnacare tablets and other tablets I was on (IVF) as I found that was making me worse. Dont beat yourself up about not doing what you normally do, take time for yourself it will soon pass hopefully and you are growing a human! 🤗 xxx

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Luna11 in reply to Twiglet2

Thanks 😊 I’m trying to tell myself it won’t be long just feel guilty about my son!! Tho he is loving more daddy time!! 👍🏻 xx

I can't do ginger so started with peppermint tea, then softmints and gaviscon. If i needed gaviscon with every meal I'd see my gp. Had arrow root buscuits reccomemded.

If its impacting your ability to operate then do see your gp. I can be as lazy as I want to as I have no dependants.

Dehydration can make ypu feel realky rough so if your struggling to keep liquid and food down fir days on end please see your gp or midwife.

I'm lucky mind drops off enough I can eat and drink most afternoons and evenings.

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