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IVF pregnancy, vaginismus and 40 years old?

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Is anyone in the same boat as me?

Docs are saying they don’t advise me to go over 40 weeks and are suggesting induction or c section, just wanted to know what others might be thinking 🤔

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Was it the vaginismus that lead them to suggest that? I’m 40 and 5+1 pregnant by IVF. Seeing GP next week so not discussed anything yet, so not sure whether there will be similar advice.

No they suggested either Induction or C section due to me turning 40. Age being a risk factor. The Obstetrician called first called me when I was like 29 weeks.

Ok that is good to know, thank you xx

I just had a quick look and stillbirth risk goes up after 40 weeks if you are over 40, so NHS trusts seem to suggest induction to stop it going over 40 xx

Yeh that’s what they said. I could ask to be monitored after that date and wait to see if I go into labour naturally but there is that fear factor- especially when it’s been a long journey to finally get here. I’m weighing up options based on my situation and wondered what others were doing

Just need to remember this is plan b, baby could come before then, my mum had my brother and I 10 days early.

Hope all goes well with the birth xx

Thank you. Best wishes for your birth too x

Yes I’m 42 and have an IVF pregnancy. I’ve been told I will not be allowed to go much over my due date because of risks (with elongating time there are more risks with the baby so they like to get them out). Haven’t got any further with plans at the mo as I’m 23 weeks and still can’t really believe it’s happening! I’d say what you’ve been told is totally standard for our situation x

I had my IVF baby at 40+6 weeks at age 39. After 40 weeks I was monitored every other day. It was a smooth pregnancy and baby was doing fine so they were happy to let me go to 41 weeks before induction. I think it depends on the hospital. Good luck

I had an induction at 37 weeks, failed and led to c section. My placenta was quite heavily calcified at the laoint and they said it was a good job I pushed to get him out early. They risk of the placenta failing increases at 40 weeks but if you have any increased risk factors they will monitor you.

I’m in the same boat. I’m having an elective c section at 39 +6.

Too many people I know have been induced and then ended up having an emergency c section anyway. So I decided not to be induced. If little one decides to come naturally before then great. If not, I know in 4 weeks time I’ll have baba in my arms.

You’ll make the right decision for you based on all the information out there. Go with your gut feeling. If you really want a natural birth you can go with daily monitoring. That’s what an NCT friend is doing at the moment.

Good luck.

I’m 39 and IVF baby, they booked me for Induction at 39 weeks as that is common practice at my hospital. They did a sweep a few days before induction and my waters broke and labour began naturally on day I was meant to be induced anyway so I only needed the drip after 24 hours of waters breaking as there is then risk of infection. I was a bit apprehensive but glad they did it looking back. Wishing you lots of luck and excitement for the big day xx

My pregnancy wasn’t ivf, but I was advised not to go over my due date because of my age (42). My pregnancy was straight forward with no complications and I was induced at 39+5 days. I had a vaginal birth, again fairly straight forward, needed the suction cup to help him out and a few stitches after but all was well. Also had an epidural which made me comfortable throughout.

Wishing you the very best with your pregnancy and congratulations!

So long as your little one arrives safely it really doesn’t matter how you get him/her out, speak to your midwife about the options and go with what you are most comfortable with

Hi just wanted to let you know I can completely relate to your post. I am also a midwife and was always under the idea that I wanted to avoid being induced myself if possible, however weighing up a woman’s individual circumstances is the overriding factor .

Now finally pregnant myself after three years of multiple ivf cycles and being overly knowledgeable on all potential risk factors due to being a midwife I am adamant that I don’t want to go any further that 40 weeks and can’t wait to be induced! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I hope you are able to come to the right decision for you ☺️ All the best xx

I’ve just had my 3rd baby at 41 I was told I’d be induced at 40w because of my age due to the placenta can start to not work as good. But I had gestational diabetes from 34w so I got induced at 39w+1 tbh it was great went in contractions started within an hour after I had the gel then had my baby about 7 hours later.

Not an ivf baby but I'm 41 and 37 weeks pregnant. I have been chatting to a consultant who advised that I should be induced at 40 weeks as they cant predict the integrity of the placenta. Chatting to another consultant at approx 30 weeks, he was supportive of my choice not to be induced and said I can be more closely monitored and will get in touch with me at 40 weeks. Appointment came through which is 2 days off 42 weeks so I'm guessing not concerned. I'm now under the home birth team and will be hopeful that I can deliver baby at home, however, I'm very mindful of my body and baby and any concerns I have I'll be straight in to get checked.

Like on other posts, you do what is right for you and baby. All the very best x

Thanks everyone, Best wishes to you all x

I didn’t conceive through IVF but I do suffer with Vulvodynia and Vaginismus, I’m 26 years old and my hospital have advised an scheduled c section for me, I’m not due until September but waiting for a consultation to discuss the section more and get a date confirmed xx

Thanks for your reply. Did they discuss options with you before scheduling?

I didn’t have ivf but my first pregnancy was with twins and I have vaginismus. I’m at a point with it that I can have sex but internal exams are a big nono I had to have my smear test with gas and air.. I was induced with a pessary at first even though I’d opted for c section originally it all got messed about and they decided to try vaginal anyway the pessary insertion was the most painful thing I think I’ve ever had to deal with and then the cervix checks after that were horrendous I refused to go any further with it after they said they couldn’t get a bed on labour ward and his head had moved out of the ideal position because it’d been too long, they could have broke my waters but I felt too traumatised by that point and I had a section. Highly recommend it if you already suffer with vaginismus. Saying that though I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and will have an appointment next month to discuss my options and I’m really considering trying for a VBAC but I definitely would never be induced again x

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