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Another issue needing help

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Hi all sorry it’s me again I’ve got more questions Ive been having strong contractions to the point where I can’t walk or move or wee or poo without crying in pain now I’ve called triage and they just told me hot bath I’ve tried that and hasn’t worked I’m due to have my baby boy on Wednesday what should I do now I’m lost for ideas 😔😔

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I would go go to triage and have your self checked out, they cant leave you in pain like that it's not fair x

Ok thank you I will be going today 💙

Phone triage and ask to be assessed

Thank you ❤️

Update called them and there’s nothing they can do because I’m due on Wednesday

I would just go there sod what they say on the phone your in labour and I see in one of your comments your having contractions every 5-6min, it's very strange how they can just leave you like that xx

Keep calling In and keep an eye on sign

Okay thank you so much 😊

Go in…. I was like this and was 6cm dilated. Good luck x

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Thank you ❤️

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So update called them and because I’m due on Wednesday there’s nothing they can do

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Did they examine you to see if you’ve dilated at all?

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They didn’t even send me up as we have to call up we can’t just walk in xxx

Have your already had your 40 week appointment with your midwife? If not I'd call your midwife and ask to have that and she what she thinks,she might be able to give you a sweep to get things moving. If you're in pain I'd take some paracetamol, bounce on your birthing/ exercise ball and if you have one use a Tens machine, I found they were really helpful with early labour contractions.

If your contraction become regular, last at least a minute and are five minutes apart then it's time to call the hospital and get booked in.

Good luck, doesn't sound like it'll be long now xx

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Yeha I have had it already All she’s doing is inducing me the day after I’m due I got told not to take paracetamol and Yeha they are and they know that my contract are 5-6 mins apart xxxxx

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That's really strange, they'd normally get you in at so close to your due date because babies don't always come as planned. Have they offered you any reason as to why they don't think you should go in? If you think you're in labour, and your contractions are strong and regular, I'd call them back and at least get an appointment with your midwife arranged or else ask to speak to someone more senior if they're not being forthcoming with any help and you still want to be seen.

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I have to have to be I induced on the day after as I have a heart problem and no absolutely nothing I’ve messaged my midwife and she told me to call triage and then that’s all they said xxx

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I also find it strange. Why would they induce you if (by the sound of it) you're already in labour? I'd also ask to speak to someone more senior. My hospital has a separate number to senior midwife, maybe you have something like that?

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Yeah exactly that’s why I was confused but when I asked them they just said it’s because of my heart condition and baby’s kidneys

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Have they given you any explanation as to why of you think you're in labour they won't let you onto the ward? I know they've said they're waiting to induce you, but that wouldn't make any sense if you're already on labour, especially since if you've got heart problems, you need extra monitoring.

It's really hard to offer any advice if they've triaged you and decided you don't need to go in, without knowing why they've don't think you need to go. They would normally get you to go in if they think you're in labour but would tell you to stay at home if they think it's Braxton Hicks or similar.

I would call them again and go through with them, why they don't think you need to attend. If you're not happy with their assessment then ask to speak to someone more senior.

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Because my waters haven’t broke that’s the only reason they not kept me up but monitored my contractions and seen them on the monitors and seen how close they were

You’re in labour just ring and tell them your on your way in.

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I’ve even tried that yesterday and they sent me home straight away

Hey I had contractions every 3-5 min and rang they said if u can talk your not close enough and I ended up having my son home alone on sofa so demand to be seeing even if u say waters broke they will examine you then lol xx

I have had the same issues: was in pain and they refused to see me. When I called in the next day as I couldn’t take the pain anymore the lady on the phone was too busy asking me to spell my name and all sorts ... my partner was fuming next to me. I can understand that they need to make sure you are in labour and indeed try to reduce the number of times you go in but I think that it is ridiculous to be in labour for two weeks to be in excruciating pain and for them not to do anything. Especially cause of your heart condition. I had an overall bad experience with the NHS throughout my pregnancy , when I gave birth and after to be fair and it breaks my heart to hear that others are suffering as well.

I am so sorry dear! My advice would be to ask to speak to their manager or someone more senior. If you can’t do it then ask your partner. Just don’t leave it as is.

Best of luck and I wish you a very easy birth! ♥️

Thank you I’m currently waiting to see my midwife now so hopefully she can help because I just can’t take this anymore I was ment to be due yesterday ❤️

Not hopefully, dear, they need to do it! That is what they are paid for. It is their job to care for you and I am sorry if some of them are just considering it just a simple job and whatever other excuses... THEY NEED TO HELP! Sorry for venting my frustrations now but I can’t stand hearing what is happening. You have been in slow labour for ages now, you have a heart condition and in excruciating pain .. INSANE!

One more thing, the chances for a baby to come on the due day are very slim and for them to say that they cannot help because it is not your due date is ridiculous. I can understand that it’s better for baby to come later than sooner but you can’t help with that.

My mother in law had given birth to my partners sister in a cab on the way to the hospital because they wouldn’t see her.

For a first pregnancy that can be very traumatising...

Anyway, best of luck 🤞

All they done is a sweep that’s it xxx

I suppose that’s the first thing they try to induce. I had a sweep as well but went into labour waaay later after that. It just all sounds a bit dodgy to me considering your heart. I would’ve thought they would monitor you....

I do wish it all goes well and I am sure it will but I would stand up for myself. I will know next time to tell them off if they are silly.

stay positive, try and rest as much as possible. If you can, take walks and then baths to relax.

I had a tens machine to cope with the pain and birthing ball. The bath worked only briefly but you might be different.

Not long now, stay strong 🤗

That’s is exactly my point I had a brake down about it all just can’t do it with being 18 as well just stressed xxx

That is not what you need right now and I am sorry you are having to go through all of this. Hopefully the sweep will work , have an easy birth and you will finally get to meet your little one. Focus on that. Rest as much as you can, you will need it.

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Seb9 in reply to KES-baby2021

If they've done a sweep it sounds like your body isn't quite ready to give birth yet. Is it possible your contractions are Braxton Hicks? Mine were really uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy and I was really tired and ached all over. My tummy would go really hard for a while and then soften again. Definitely get a Tens machine and bounce on your birthing ball as much as you can and maybe try some breathing exercises. You can get quite a few breathing classes on you tube if you look up hyno birthing.

Had your midwife told you when you're likely to be induced if you're over your due date? They normally let you go up to two weeks unless there's any reason to bring it forward.

Good luck and hopefully it would be too long till you meet your little one xx

No the midwife has said is contrains and not braxton Hicks

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