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Covid 19 Vaccine

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Good evening all, please I have been asked by nhs to come and take the vaccine but my problem now is that by baby is 7 months , started weaning her at 6 months but, she doesn't drink formula, so I'm still breastfeeding her.

My question is has anyone else had the vaccine while still breastfeeding?

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There's a Facebook group called UK Breastfeeding support and lots of woman have reported having it while breastfeeding and they've not reported any bad effects.You could always post in there as you might get more responses.

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Onyiama in reply to Seb9

Thank you for the reply.

I had mine on Thursday and still feeding my son, we've both been fine. Agree with joining UK breast feeding support too, there's alot of post about the vaccine on there if you are unsure

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Onyiama in reply to LauraJ85

Thank you very I appreciate.

I had my vaccine on Saturday and I am feeding my 3 month old.

There’s loads of posts on here about this already maybe have a look through 😊

Still breastfeeding as well, I had my 1st dose on Friday! All well for us both!

I had my first on 12th Jan when my son was only 4wks old. I spoke to Dr Wendy Jones MBE who is the Breastfeeding Network’s Drugline Pharmacist as I knew I wanted the vaccine but wasn’t sure whether to pre express enough/use formula or keep feeding and she explained that the vaccine itself cannot pass into breast milk but the antibodies you produce CAN meaning that by having the vaccine while breastfeeding you protect your baby from Covid too.

I’ve now had both (2nd was on 18th March) and breastfed through both. My son is nearly 6m old now and he was no different at all during the times following vaccines. The only thing I would say is I felt tired after them so if you have support around you make sure they’re available for 48hrs after to help you rest if needed.

I read a story that a baby died after their mum took the vaccine whilst breastfeeding

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Msze in reply to hxanita

This is a total lie. I’m reporting you for posting this.

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LauraJ85 in reply to Msze

I have reported too. If you dont want the vaccine yourself fair enough but posting comments like this is disgusting

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hxanita in reply to Msze

I think you are disgusting for not acknowledging that this happened to some traumatised family. Report all you want

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Seb9 in reply to hxanita

I'm sure if you had any evidence of this happening then people would be sympathetic towards the family, but you don't have any. So it's just scaremongering, showing false information and a pretty low move to share stuff life this.

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hxanita in reply to Seb9

Oh really and who are you to say it’s a lie. If you went through the trauma of the parents that lost their child through this you would understand. I’m trying to protect and make others aware vaccines aren’t safe. Blood clots and deaths of young people after Covid vaccines that were previously healthy isn’t a lie either. Can’t stand the big pharma, their lies. It’s all about money not protection. People should be made aware of all the risk factor and all side effects of this poison. Read and educate yourself unless you’re a part of this business

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Seb9 in reply to hxanita

Seeing you still can't provide any evidence of it I'm going to say it's you that needs educating and you that needs to do some research. I never actually said it was a lie, I said you can't provide any evidence of it happening, if you can't provide evidence of it happening it is essential a lie though isn't it? Losing a child is horrific and you shouldn't be trying to scare people into believing your unsubstantiated claims. Shame on you using such a disgusting tactic. Your not saving anyone by lying to them.

Yes , i had my first vaccination when my baby was just 1 month old, everything went okay and he didn't have problem at all.Go ahead😉

Thank you everyone for your comments I'm really happy now. I will book for my appointment write away.

My baby is the same age like yours, I had my first dose vaccine last Tuesday and we are absolutely fine for now.

I’ve had it, about 4 weeks ago and am bf my now 4m old, no issues at all. Not even any side effects other than a sore arm a couple of days after x

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