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Hi all I’m currently 39weeks 3days pregnant I’ve been in slow labour for over 2 weeks now I’ve just had some discharge that I’ve never had before was wondering if anyone had advice or anything please?!


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Is it a bit snot like? It looks to be some of your mucus plug coming away, which can start to happen now. Doesn’t mean labour is imminent though I’m afraid x

I’ve already lost my mucus plug the midwifes confirmed it when I was last at hospital. Because that is what I thought I was to start off with and Yeha it’s crazy as I’ve been in slow labour for over 2 weeks now xx

at the antenatal course they told us that the mucus plug can come off and reform, so it is normal to have it come off more than once!

What do you mean ?

Some sort of discharge I think that’s why I’m asking if anyone knows

Have you checked with your midwife?

Been trying

Hi kes.I’m a midwife and it is your mucus plug. It’s can rejuvenate and your vaginal discharge may be more increased at this stage but anything new which you are unsure just check with your midwife :) as others have said, it doesn’t necessarily mean your are going to be in active labour all of a sudden but it’s a really positive sign. wishing a imminent safe delivery soon :) xxx

Thank you so much 🥰xx

It looks like the mucus plug to me too. When I lost mine , I lost it in stages, not all of it came out at once. You may have advanced a bit more in your labour. Insist on that call to the midwives. Good luck! 🤗

Thank you so much 🙏🥰

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