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concerts in late pregnancy

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Hi ladies, i was wondering what your opinion is on going to the theatre and concerts in late pregnancy. I have a few events in my calendar this Autumn which were rescheduled from last year and before I knew i'd be pregnant!

They will be in week 33, 34 and 37(eek!) of my pregnancy. I'm a first time mum so don't know what to expect though I know the final weeks are extra uncomfortable. The concerts are nothing crazy, all seated and civilised, no mosh pits lol.

I'm thinking week 33-34 will be ok, but maybe week 37 is a bit too adventurous!

Anyone have any experiences? Thanks x


(Edit: This is not a Covid question. This is me assuming things are better by September and cases continue to drop. Obviously if we go into a third wave, i'm not going anywhere)

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Go! I went to the cinema day before I gave birth. It was lovely and better than stressing out about something I had no control over. 💓 Good luck x

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Cmh25 in reply to Buisquits

Wow fab 😆thanks!! 💕

I went to a concert at about 33 weeks with my first 😊 all was absolutely fine x

My sister went to a music festival at 8 months pregnant, made her husband carry a fold up chair everywhere so she had somewhere to sit.I went to the theatre at nearly full term and was fine, just needed to pee more than normal at the interval. I went to see Les Mis which I love so I think I'd have had to have been in proper labour to have missed it 😂😂

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Cmh25 in reply to Seb9

Fab 😆 yes I think sitting and peeing are the main concerns 😂👍

Are these indoors or outdoor events?? The events and concerts themselves are not an issue, but I would be concerned re covid situation in late pregnancy/social distancing.

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Cmh25 in reply to roxannacar

Indoor events. Yes it all depends on the Covid situation in September, I was assuming things will be better by then, but if not I may not go to any events!

I agree with Roxannacar. The concert/theatre would be fine I think however, at 37 weeks where labour is a very real possibility contracting covid could make the birth of your baby a bit of a logistical nightmare aswell as potentially feeling really rough. Hospitals will of course have procedures for mums testing positive but clearly not ideal for you and your family and the hospital staff.Maybe something to have a think about.

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Cmh25 in reply to Pasaeoco01

Yes I’m thinking 37 weeks is pushing it. I would only go if the Covid situation is better by September but we can’t really say at the mo...

I agree with Roxannacar too! 37 weeks no but the others are fine :). Good luck

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Cmh25 in reply to Supergirl87

Thanks :)

I’m going to an outdoor festival (very local) 3 days before my due date. I can sit on a chair all day and be entertained and if I go into labour/ am too uncomfortable I can go go home. I deliberately booked it so that if baby isn’t here by then I’m not sitting around stressing about my due date x

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Cmh25 in reply to DIYmummy

Sounds like a good plan!! X

Hiya! And congratulations! I went to gigs right through my last pregnancy. And this pregnancy Iv just booked a gig for the end of October and I am due 26th November. Iv personally went for standing tickets as my last pregnancy I was more uncomfy sitting for long periods so I’m hoping I’m the same this time ha🤞🏻 X

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Cmh25 in reply to JulieOcean2

Fab! XGood point... Sitting for long periods isn’t great. I’m only 5’1 though so I hardly ever stand at gigs 🤣

Are you vaccinated? I’d be more worried about COVID

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Cmh25 in reply to Msze

It wasn't really a Covid question, as I'm only going to events if the situation continues to get better by September time. Of course if we go into a third wave, i'm not going anywhere.(I've edited my question now lol)

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Msze in reply to Cmh25

Even if there isn’t a 3rd wave, there will of course be a high risk of covid infection at an indoor concert. That’s why so many people are bringing it up to you here. But .... do what you want I guess.

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Cmh25 in reply to Msze

Thank you

Could you enquire about whether there might be space in a disabled area in case you do need room to move about? I was due to go to a rescheduled comedy gig the week I was due and thank goodness it got cancelled as they put us in the middle of the front row! No way could I have waddled past all those people to pee 😆 I would totally have gone if sat on the end of the row though. Have fun! X

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Cmh25 in reply to Flora631

That’s a good idea! I think I’ve got aisle seats anyway as even before pregnant I always booked end of the row due to weak bladder haha! Imagine how weak my bladder will be at 8 months 😂

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