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Breastfeeding and covid vaccine

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Had anyone had the covid vaccine whilst breastfeeding? If so which one were you given?

I am currently breastfeeding and been offered covid vaccine but in two minds about being vaccinated. Any guidance on this greatly appreciated particularly ladies breastfeeding currently and whether or not you chose to be vaccinated.

Thank you

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Hi, I'm currently breastfeeding and having my first vaccine on Thursday, although my son has just turned 2 and I'm trying to wean him off so only feeding around twice a day. I'm assuming I will have the Pfizer one as I'm under 40. The guidelines say it's safe whilst breastfeeding but its ultimately your decision x

On Facebook there's a great breastfeeding group called UK breastfeeding support, lots of woman on there have had the vaccine while breastfeeding and no one is reporting any issues or side effects with supply or with baby. If you look in the search bar for vaccine lots of posts will come up. I can only see benefits from it and passing some immunity to baby through your milk seems like a good idea. Some mums are even pumping some milk for their older children to give them some antibodies too.

My friend has had hers, she had Astra Zeneca before it was advised that under 40s had it. This was 8 weeks ago now and both her and baby are fine, and lots of women on breastfeeding groups I’m on have taken it up and no negative feedback so far.

I’ve recently been offered but I’m undecided at the minute.

You’ve just got to weigh everything up and decide what you feel is best for you and your family x

I am breastfeeding my 3 week old newborn and had the vaccine a week ago (Pfizer). And me and baby are fine, no side affects so far I am aware of

I had the Pfizer vaccine. Breastfeeding a three month old. No issues whatsoever.

Hi, I'm breastfeeding my almost 6month old and I am not having the vaccine.l x

There’s a risk either way x

I am breastfeeding my 3 week old and had the Pfizer jab 2 weeks ago. All good so far.

I had mine back in January (first dose), when there was more limited data. With have a kid in school/nursery and my husband in health care, I was very likely to get covid. Indeed in Jan/Feb my daughters nursery had an outbreak. I've had my second I April, still breastfeeding. No issues with baby unless it's why he's super cheeky 🤣

Yes I had mine on Sunday you tell them you're breastfeeding and they explain there will be no harm in baby as there's been lots of tests and research on it and anti bodies can pass down to baby. Under 40's are now been Pfizer & I had Pfizer

What is the risk?

Fair enough there's been over 100 000 trials in America to begin with and there hasn't been any cases that's why they bought it out in the UK as state its safe

Had Astra Zeneca whilst breast feeding, all has been fine.

The vaccine is to combat the virus nationally and globally. Look what’s happening to those countries who don’t have the vaccine. I’m not going to get into this past this comment.

No one knows the long term effects of covid either so it’s not a decision people can make lightly

I've had the Pfizer. Breastfeeding my 23 month old. We are both doing great, and she's benefiting from some immunity too as well now so I know if she gets it, it will affect her less as well 😊 I had my reservations but I've watched my whole nct group get it and be fine and have also watched one of them suffer terribly with long covid, which I do not want for myself, my family or my daughter!

There are no long term side effects of covid?? Have you had your head buried in the sand? Or are you just selective on what information you give out 🤨🤨

Wow. Must be fake then 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

I know several people who have had covid, one very well regarded member of our village died, he was a much loved father and grandfather, my friends brother died he was only in his fifties and no underlying health conditions, one very fit marathon runner friend ended up on a ventilator in hospital and who is still not back to full health months later, one friend who is an ambulance driver who had it right at the beginning of it and her girlfriend who is a type 1 diabetec and had to have several weeks off work and was not back to good health for several months and is still suffering from fatigue, one colleague from work and his wife, who ended up having to take several months off work to recover. I don't even consider that I know that many people, so if you're lucky enough that you don't know anyone that's had it or died from it you should consider yourself extremely lucky rather than well informed. You should also maybe refrain from calling it fake news. When people have lost family members and are now grieving their losses your comments come across as extremely heartless.

I had my first on 12th Jan when my son was only 4wks old. I spoke to Dr Wendy Jones MBE who is the Breastfeeding Network’s Drugline Pharmacist as I knew I wanted the vaccine but wasn’t sure whether to pre express enough/use formula or keep feeding and she explained that the vaccine itself CANNOT pass into breast milk but the antibodies you produce CAN meaning that by having the vaccine while breastfeeding you protect your baby from Covid too.

I’ve now had both (2nd was on 18th March) and breastfed through both. My son is nearly 6m old now and he was no different at all during the times following vaccines. The only thing I would say is I felt tired after them so if you have support around you make sure they’re available for 48hrs after to help you rest if needed.

Please don’t scaremonger mother’s with your ill informed concerns however well meant they may be. The only valid part you mention is yes, the tiny risk of adverse reaction but this risk is lower than the risk of Covid and babies under one are clinically vulnerable due to immature immune systems so you’re putting them more at risk by not having it.

You mention 1213 deaths from the vaccine but we have had 40,333,231 people have the vaccine meaning your chance of death from it is 0.003%

A good friend of mine died aged 37 with her only underlying condition being (medicated) blood pressure problems - she left 4 kids behind. Yes *most* deaths are of older people but there are still many families destroyed by this illness.

Summer2021 I wish you well and hope you make the right decision that works for you but I hope my account can provide you some reassurances.

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