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I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend ever since we started dating around October 24,2020. We been together for seven months and somehow we are not pregnant.. Can something be wrong with me ? He does the pull out method but still idk. I feel like something can be wrong.

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As someone who has been tracking ovulation and trying to get pregnant for 3 years (with no known issues). It’s not always so simple.

STI’s like Chlamydia can cause infertility though so safe sex until you really want children is a good call. (For more than just that reason too!)

Look after yourself ❤️

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Mal_24 in reply to Sprog

I have had an STI.. Chlamydia before from an old ex, but I gotten myself check out and clean way before I meet my boyfriend

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Sprog in reply to Mal_24

You can get fertility tests but you have to have been actively trying for over a year.

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Mal_24 in reply to Sprog

We really haven’t been trying. He does the pull out method but it just I’m surprise I haven’t got pregnant.

People can go for years using the pull out method successfully and not get pregnant, but it's not always reliable because accidents can happen. If you're not wanting a baby I would definitely consider using something else and not just the pull out method or at least track your cycle so that you're not having sex on the days you're fertile for in your cycle.

I would agree with previous poster of practising safe sex until you actively want a baby.

Even if you're actively tracking your cycle and trying to get pregnant, it can still take over a year to become pregnant, so the chances of becoming pregnant if he's also pulling out are really reduced so I wouldn't be overly concerned if I was you. Like the previous posts says, If you decide to start trying and still aren't able to conceive, you can get help on the NHS after you've been actively trying for a year.

I been feeling pregnancy symptoms the last few days but my period doesn’t come until June 7. So I’m worried.

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cmbxm in reply to Mal_24

It takes two weeks for an egg to implant and fertilise, so if you’re having a regular cycle, you would’ve only just ovulated so wouldn’t be feeling pregnancy symptoms this early on x

I really trying to wait until my period is missed

Already ovulate

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