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I need advice please?

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Unfortunately I ended having a misscarried recently. Sorry, I know not everyone wants to know. Such a hard time at the moment. Can anyone advise on when they started trying again for another baby? Trying to keep positive. Also what vitamins do people recommend me taking. I am happy to buy what is best. I want to prepare myself. Not sure I was taking enough when I was pregnant.

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You can start trying right away as long as you feel ready. Some doctors will say wait a month but this is purely down to dating the pregnancy. If you feel ready to try again then you can do so. In terms of vitamins, I just took folic acid and vitamin D tablets. That's all you need extra.

Hi there, i'm sorry for your loss, such a difficult thing to go through.

I had 2 losses last year and have spoken with a few different gynaecologists and doctors - they've all said just folic acid and vit d. As long as you've got a healthy, varied diet then you don't need anything else. Not taking a multivitamin would not have caused your loss.

In terms of trying to conceive again, it is a completely personal choice. After my first loss we started trying again on my second cycle and fell pregnant pretty quickly. In hindsight I rushed into it as I was so desperate to be pregnant again - it was hard going mentally and I probably should have waited a bit longer to get my head round things a bit more. Unfortunately I lost that pregnancy too, although it was nothing to do with getting pregnant soon after the first loss. We've decided to wait a few months before trying again this time and I am definitely starting to feel a bit more prepared.

My one tip would be to check dates - I'm in the situation where my due date of 2nd loss and the anniversary of 1st MC are a day apart so that's going to be a really tough time, wish i'd considered that before.

Loss affects everyone in different ways so go with what you feel is right for you.

All the best for future x

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MariaBW in reply to LB1234

Thank you so much for your help and so much. So much to take in but I can't and won't give up.

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LB1234 in reply to MariaBW

Take your time, especially if your loss was recent. Be gentle with yourself and do what feels right for you x

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MariaBW in reply to LB1234

It was recent. I had surgery Tuesday. Will definitely been trying again soon x

you can try straight away ,the sooner the better because now your body is ready for it I was told .make sure to check your ovulation day so you don’t miss it .I have a 12years old and been trying for over 4years with no luck then I got pregnant in November 2020 but I had a missed miscarriage in Jan and was bleeding for days that’s why I missed my ovulation then got pregnant again on March and unfortunately I had another miscarriage ,but I am pregnant again (3weeks) .I used to take vitamin D and Folic Acid then I was recommended by a friend to take vitabiotics folic acid with B12 (one tablet ,bought it of Amazon ) now that I am pregnant I started to take pregnacare tablets xx

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MariaBW in reply to zarazara1985

I do agree, my husband and I are definitely going to try again soon. Just getting over the surgery side of things. Trying to keep positive. Have brought some vitamin tablets today so will start them soon. I do have an obviolation kit so will be checking it soon. I can't and won't give up. Thank you for your advice.

Sorry to hear about your loss. You can plan to conceive at any time as long as you are mentally okay after your miscarriage. I wish you all the best xx

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MariaBW in reply to Hills2005

Yeah that makes sense. We are hoping to try soon. Fingers crossed this time xx

I'm really sorry for your loss Maria. As others have mentioned usually doctors advise waiting one cycle so that you are aware of last period/ovulation for dating purposes if you were to fall pregnant again straight away. Emotionally is another story - everyone is different, so just take care of yourself and think about when you might feel emotionally ready.

The miscarriage is highly, highly unlikely to be to do with what vitamins you were or weren't taking. Its unlikely to have been to do with anything you did or didn't do whatsoever. But, I've always used the pregnacare vitamins and encouraged my husband to take the mens preconception version too.

If you're interested, the miscarriage association website has a great forum where women support each other through miscarriage, TTC again and pregnancy after loss. I'd really recommend it.

Sending you lots of love on your journey xx

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MariaBW in reply to Tinksy

Hi I brought some pregnacare today. Will start them tomorrow. Guess I just want to be more prepared this time. I am trying to keep positive but it is so hard though. Especially as my husband and I want a baby so badly. I am now on the miscarriage association website and been up about it. Nice to not feel alone. Thank you for your support. xx

Oh big hug to you! It’s so hard to go through it! We tried straight away. I had a weird cycle afterwards but it was all back on track after the first period. We got pregnant again 3 months later. There is a lot of evidence that is easier to get pregnant and more likely to have a healthy pregnancy in the 6 months following a miscarriage so it makes sense to not wait too long. Having a close friend who had a complicated experience I would advise that you wait until your first normal period before you start trying, to make sure that your body has completely reset after the last pregnancy. Having gone through a loss, the last thing I wanted is the anxiety over the first few weeks of a new pregnancy not knowing if it’s ok and a normal one. But there is no real physical reason to wait if you don’t want to.

Good luck and big hug! X

Thank you for your advice. My husband and I have definitely agreed that we will start trying again soon. We need to keep positive and hopefully all will work out. xx

You can try whenever you feel ready I had my 1st mc at 37 I had another 2 mc & 2 chemical pregnancies after that, I felt we needed to keep ttc as I was older & time was running out by this time I was 40. I stopped everything supplements bbt opk etc I had lost 3 stone exercised a lot & was in a good place emotionally again 6 mth later I was pregnant again now I’m due our baby next week at 41. Most of the time mc are a one off and hopefully your next pregnancy will be fine have to keep positive xx

Thank u. That's brilliant. Congratulations to you. I joined slimming world today. Its definitely the right thing to do. Trying to make some life style changes and keep positive. My husband and are are hoping to try again soon. Really hope the mc was a one off. Been very hard on us but we can't give up.

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Ivyrae in reply to MariaBW

Sorry for your loss Maria.I found out i was pregnant and a week later started miscarrying on Saturday my bleeding is starting to stop already sorry be to be personal how long did you bleed for?

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Sprog in reply to MariaBW

Are you actually overweight? If so you should be getting prescribed a high dose of Folic acid (12.5 times more than you get ‘off the shelf’)

So sorry to hear about your loss. ❤️

We went through it in October and it would have been the due date last week. I thought I’d come to terms with it but ended up being a total wreck.

You can try again when you feel ready. We did as we’d also heard about the higher success rate post miscarriage but still nothing…

Give yourself lots of TLC. I hope you have some wonderful people to support you xx

Well I had the surgery and since it. Hardly any blood now. Had a lot before though.

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Sprog in reply to MariaBW


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