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Covid Vaccine side effects in pregnancy

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Hello Mamas, I'm 37 years old, currently 17 weeks pregnant and waiting for the NHS to call me to get a vaccine (hopefully Pfizer). My question is: anyone here had fever as side effect of it? I'm just a bit concerned about body temperature increase while pregnant. Thank you!

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I had the Pfizer two weeks ago and had absolutely no side effects except a bit of a sore arm for a night. The nurse put it in the arm I don't sleep on so it really didn't affect me. I took my toddler swimming the next morning and was fine. I think the only bit that made me feel odd was people asking me how I felt, which always makes me question if I did in fact ill!

I checked my temperature a couple of times and didn't get anywhere near a fever, no headache or anything. I had paracetamol on hand just in case and took a couple when I got home just in case.

Sadly I told my husband how fine I felt and so didn't really get as much sympathy as I should have probably pushed for 😂 I would definitely recommend milking it more than I did.

Hello, I had Pfizer last week (at nearly 19wks) and can report no fever!Leg muscles felt a little tighter and had one night of leg cramp straight after, but also read about this can be a pregnancy side-effect around now too 🤷‍♀️

If you get a bit of fever, you can get it down with paracetamol or cold towels around your legs. I am sure you get the Pfizer (pregnancy plus age group would indicate that). I had AZ and quite a bit of higher temperature after the first shot but was all manageble with paracetamol. I'd try to keep it under 39C, or ,if you can, under 38C.

Had the Pfizer vaccine, no side effects at all.


I can see it. I just don’t understand why you’ve posted it in response to what I said?

I’m going go to have the vaccine once I’ve given birth in October. It‘s a difficult decision to make and I appreciate why some women have decided to have theirs already and why some choose to wait till after baby arrives. It’s a really tough one to call because there are going to be potential risks for either decision. I don’t however, find it very helpful being sent links to pages that tell me how many people have died from the vaccine. The vast majority of people having the vaccine are taking it to save lives, not only for themselves but for their loved ones. Vaccines work, they’re there for a reason.

I had the Pfizer jab and certainly didn’t have a fever. I was quite tired the day after but apart from that was totally fine.

I do understand that you’re trying to help me but you and I have TOTALLY different views on this. I’m sorry but I’m not going to get into a discussion with you about this when we both clearly have very conflicting views on it. I’ll get my advice with regards to taking the vaccine from the NHS and not anyone else.

Dottie2011 “If you are young and healthy you don’t need this jab” ??

What a shockingly selfish point of view. You do realise that the point of mass vaccination programs is to not only protect your “young and healthy” self, but to prevent spread to more vulnerable members of society? By the young and healthy vaccinating themselves, spread of diseases to those who for medical reasons can’t be vaccinated or have already weakened immune systems, is prevented.

Dottie2011, I keep on reporting you. You do not just provide largely unprooven 'information', you also try to pressure people into not having the jab when they are already in a position where they might be insecure and vunerable and would never want to risk the life of their (potential) baby. Please stop doing this. Everybody has do make their own decision if they get vaccinated or not and if you have an opinion for yourself, that is absolutely fine. Please don't share information from unreliable or plain wrong resources though. The people that decide against a vaccination because of you posting this stuff will not decide against it because of the new information that apparently the majority of healthcare professionals and scientists are lacking (but you mysteriously have) but because of fear. This is really unfair to aim at.

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Solly-44 and Tigr - Completely agree with everything you’ve both said. I wasn’t able to say what I felt without getting incredibly angry, so thank you for saying so eloquently what I was thinking and unable to voice x

Hi I had the Pfizer yesterday and I’m almost 13 weeks pregnant. I have felt tired all day today but frankly I don’t know if that’s a pregnancy symptom or the vaccine or both. No temperature, just a sore arm for a few hours but better now. I think I read in one of the studies that pregnant women reported more incidents of sore arm but less incidents of other side effects, compared to non-pregnant vaccine recipients. That would probably make sense as our immune system is slightly lowered and less likely to overreact during pregnancy. That was reassuring to me at the time.

I had the Pfizer on Friday. By the evening my arm (in which I got the shot) was very sore. Felt like a heavy gym session muscle hangover. Then yesterday I felt a bit poorly but that could have been hay fever. Today I feel totally fine. I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

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