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Bath time battles

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Hello again, having a challenging week this week!

We are having a really hard time at bath time with our ten month old. He screams from the moment he has his nappy taken off, all through bath time and mostly stops when he is dressed. We think he could be too tired but he used to love bath time and now we dread it. Afterwards he is calm as he has his milk and falls asleep with dad but it’s horrible having this fight every night. Not sure if it affects sleep but ever since this started he has been waking around 4 and not settling back in his cot. Will sleep on us. Not fans of sleep training as little guy would not stop crying. Would make himself sick first.


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Hey there, sorry to hear about this experience. My oldest is 7yrs old now but I distinctly remember us having a similar experience. He loved bathtime but it suddenly became a real battle and I remember being really upset by it. From memory I think we brought everything forward slightly and tried to keep it as short as possible.

I’ve no idea what caused it but perhaps he’s also teething and would rather be snuggled up cosy with Mum or Dad.

Not overly helpful but rest assured this too shall pass and bathtime will be fun again. Hang in there 😊 xx

Yes we talked about maybe doing it earlier. Don’t want him waking even earlier tho but I have heard thymus can help with early wakings

Thymus? Is that some kind of gland extract?/herb? I wouldn't give babies any sort of supplement herbal or not... These things don't have trials in adults let alone babies.

Lol! So sorry that must have been a typo! Thymus was meant to say “that’ as in earlier bed times. Would never give remedies for stuff like that

Phew ! That's a relief! Always gets me a bit on egde when random things are give to babies 😅

Hahah! I totally agree!

When my bug was screaming about bath time around 6/7/8 months we reduced to 2-3 a week and gave baby wipe baths every evening instead. It wasn’t worth the stress or hassle. Idk where you find the energy to bath a kid every night. Maybe if you take out the “battle” his sleep will follow?

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Thank you! I don’t know either LOL! He is constantly moving! So so are we!!!

Just something we have always done! I must be a creature of habit. We found the bath made him more tired on most occasions so anything that does that we have to do!!

Maybe he has dry skin? Bathing every night seems excessive. I was recommended every other night for infants.

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Thank you. Well his baths are very brief and we make sure he is well rinsed. He doesn’t seem to have dry skin.

You could start singing a song to remind him it's bath & bedtime so make it fun thing. Could show him some colourful pictures eg now it's time for bathtime then story time etc like a visual time table with little pictures of what's coming up next, or make a little book he can get familiar with a fun evening routine

Thank you! I was thinking of starting something like that. Glad you said it too! Are you a special needs teacher by any chance 😜

Ah you're welcome I think it's a wonderful idea, I used to be a childminder and I'm currently singing with my 6 month old as a starter. The children young as 9 months were absolutely drawn to a routine using a visual time table as a way of communicating at their level than constantly just saying what to do. They knew as soon as I sang a song it meant something or as soon as I showed them the snack photo they went to get themselves ready for it eg wash hands and go sit down at the table for example. It's also used in nurseries and schools this type of learning. You can get the cards online at 'twinkle' or type in visual time table for home . :)

Song wise you could sing the tune of the mulberry Bush & say "this is the way we wash our hair.... now it's time for bathtime " or again just Google some songs to help

Hope this helps😊

Hey there, all 4 of my kids have gone through this at some point, I stopped baths for a few days, baby's don't actually need to be bathed everyday it drys their skin. When I reintroduced baths I gave them a bath in the kitchen sink, it's a small compact space and for some strange reason I don't know about the kids have all loved it. A couple of their favourite toys in with them and some bubbles and it makes for a happy baby. Try adding a Little lavender oil as well as it helps to ease any anxiety baby may have. Above all try not to stress yourself too much, a lot of babies go through this faze it's just working out an alternative until they are ready for their bath again.

maybe try lots of toys and bubbles - make bathtime fun, sing songs and splash. Or have a bath with him. You could actually blow bubbles to keep his mind busy and all kids love bubbles!

Hello all! Thanks for all you great ideas, just an update. So last night we were over the top enthusiastic about bath time. Told him exactly what was going to happen (will be printing out the visuals but need a printer so will be getting that soon) lots of singing bubbles etc. We also bought a toddler bath- snuggle one as he liked the previous one until he outgrew it and we had the best bath time we have had in a long time. Happily played and washed with no issues. No tears after bath time either. Think we also caught him at the right time in the window too! So thanks again for all the advice🤞 It continues xx

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