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Is it possible to know just after a few days?

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I’ve been trying for a baby for over a year and last week followed everything by the book, been taking my folic acid for 3 months now. Week of ovulation had sex (my partner came inside me 3 times) I also used the conceive plus lubricant, didn’t bath or shower that night etc.

I know I have to wait the 2 weeks but I have been having symptoms (I think) my temperature has shot through the roof, been getting cramps, boobs sore and felt a little nausea today. My tummy feels different so I changed into looser leggings as didn’t want tight ones on.

I had a miscarriage earlier on in the year so this time I feel like I just want to lie in bed for the 12 weeks to make sure all goes ok as last time with the miscarriage the doctor said I had been overdoing it and that’s what could have brought on the miscarriage.

I just want all to be ok this time (if I am pregnant)

This is going to be a very anxious 2 weeks 🤞


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I'm sorry you had the miscarriage and you feel so anxious. I'm afraid it's too early to tell, the best is if you do the test on a day you'd get your period. There are some digital tests you can try couple of days before so maybe try that?Crossing my fingers for you.

Unfortunately way too early to tell, and symptoms unlikely to be related to pregnancy. In general wait to miss a period, or three weeks after intercourse to check your test.

It's important not to over do it in pregnancy but lying in bed for 12 weeks is not a good idea as you're more likely to get clots when pregnant. To add to that miscarriages unfortunately are very common, but are not normally anything to do with what mum has and hasnt done and normally happen because the pregnancy wasn't viable for one reason or other, so don't think it's something you did or didn't do.

Take care.

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Thanks ladies, I should have said my pregnancy with my daughter (who is now 4) the sickness started at 3-4 weeks and it was severe lasted until about 18/20 weeks so I know I do get symptoms very early on but yes I’ll wait until my period is due and really try to take it easy until then 🤞

Hiya. All last week it kept popping in my head, you're pregnant over and over. Was due on friday, had a faint + last night, confirmed this morning with clear blue. So my body/sub conscience was telling me before the test. Massive shock amd not expected.

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Aww how lovely! I’m trying to keep busy and not think about it all the time even though it’s so hard just want to see that positive line at long last 🤞2 weeks is going to be a long 2 weeks!

Huge congratulations to you x

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Any news lulu?

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Period is due Friday or Saturday 🤞 Xx

Such an irresponsible and old fashioned view from your doctor, miscarriages are common and are not caused by you over doing it or not resting enough, that miscarriage was in no way your fault. (Unless you’re a heavy drinker or drug taker which I doubt) All you can do is be patient (easier said than done I know!) and wait until your period is due then test. I really hope it’s good news for you xx

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Thank you for your kind words :)

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I was reading the comments to find out if someone had said this. How guilt-tripping from your doctor and totally inaccurate! Miscarriages are frequent and often we don't know the cause or the foetus wasn't viable in a way that we could not have done anything about (I'm sorry for your loss - I know what I wrote can be painful to read). If there was a sure way to end a pregnancy by "overdoing it" I think we would know by now. Don't bed rest for 12 weeks - exercise in moderation and eat and sleep well and care for your well-being and mental health, is all that is in your control to put the best chances on your side. The rest is out of our control unfortunately but we can not make things worse. And find someone to talk about your fear of miscarriage, it'll help you relax. Wish you all the best.

So, all these people that say too early to tell. I knew 12 hours after I had sex that I was pregnant with my daughter. I just knew, I felt weird. I told my husband and he said I was crazy. 8 days later I took a test - bam positive.

Before anyone says i conceived earlier - I was on 12 straight overnight shifts and didn’t see my husband. I had a miscarriage 4 weeks before conceiving (which I also knew I was pregnant maybe 3 days after having sex 🤷🏼‍♀️). We got pregnant again the ONLY TIME we had sex after that miscarriage.

I had an ‘off’ kind of ‘blah’ feeling, my breasts were oh so slightly sore and I felt a tiny bit nauseated 12 hours later. I knew. And I was correct.

I’m not saying this is a definite for you - but try not to be too anxious. Also, miscarriages happen, try not to blame yourself. My miscarriage - I did everything possible to ‘help’ the pregnancy, healthy eating, low stress, lots of rest and I still miscarried. With my daughter - I was working 60-70 hour weeks in the first few months of pregnancy, ate whatever and probably didn’t get enough sleep and she progressed fine.

Sending love 💕

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Oh wow! That’s lovely and I hope that’s what I feel 🤞Thanks so much for sharing that x

Get a test from the shop it can tell you at 2-3 weeks if you are ! Good luck finger crossed for you both

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