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New guidance on Covid vaccine for pregnant women..

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Hello ladies, a new article form the Maternity Royal College says pregnant women (above and below 40 years of age) should be offered a vaccine that IS NOT AstraZeneca.

See here:

Do you have any experience on this and are you planning to have a vaccine now that the guidance has changed?

Thanks ❤️

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Hi there, currently 20 weeks pregnant and I had the Pfizer vaccine last Saturday. I consulted with my GP, and a friend of mine who is an epidemiologist with Public Health England. I weighed out the risk of contracting Covid while pregnant or breastfeeding, with the risks associated with the vaccine, and I decided to go ahead and get the vaccine. I had no side effects, just a sore arm and slightly tired the next day.

Thanks hun that’s great to hear! Were you offered the Pfizer because you’re pregnant and was your GP requesting it? Xx

The GP and current government guidance specifically states that pregnant women should only get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as those 2 vaccines were used in the US research project from which the findings were released. So it's not that the AZ vaccine is "bad" for pregnant women, there just isn't enough research out there on pregnant women.

Many GP surgeries and pharmacies don't have Pfizer or Moderna because of the storage temperature requirements, but the local hospital should.

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Congrats on first jab! Are they scheduling 2nd jab any sooner for pregnant women?

I had my Pfizer vaccine booked as soon as the guidance changed. I'm nearly 40, overweight and have gestational diabetes and hash it last Thursday. Looking at all the research in the states I thought it wouldn't be long till it was rolled out to pregnant people here as they're doesn't seem to be any negatives to having it.

My arm ached for a day or two, but absolutely no other side effects at all and baby is kicking away, so I'm happy with my decision 😊

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ToughCOOKIE78 in reply to Seb9

I’m still scared of having it- evidence is not much. Can work from home and basically not leaving the house so I can wait until after the baby is here (end July!) xx

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For me the evidence of minimal side effects from the vaccine compared to not knowing how I'd react to actually having covid was a big decider for me. One study I looked at showed no major side effects or increased miscarriage, still birth premature etc in nearly 40,000 woman which have me a lot of reassurance. Whereas other studies have shown that having covid while pregnant increases your risk of needing hospitalisation and the chance of pre term labour. Because of the health risks I already have, for me the chance of catching Covid without the protection of the vaccine was too big a risk to take, especially when I already have a toddler to take care of.

I work from home, but I have to go to hospital every few weeks for my diabetes check ups, and with lockdown lifting, I am taking my daughter back to group activities like swimming lessons, so I'm interacting with more people. My daughter has missed out on a lot as she's been in lockdown since she was 7 months old. So I'm we can get back to some sort of normality for her sake.

It's definitely a difficult decision to make when you're pregnant because it's not just you to worry about, but I'm definitely glad I've had it now.

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Yes I totally understand where you’re coming from, if I had a toddler and had to mix with people I would take it too. I’m glad you and baby are fine ❤️Xx

Hi tough cookie ... I have decided to not have the vaccine while pregnant. I am absolutely not against the vaccine in anyway and I will be getting it as soon as I can after birth however for me there just isn’t enough evidence for lasting side effects of the baby or if there will be any effects in childhood. There probably isn’t any and I’m being over cautious however I have had so many miscarriages and have been through ivf to get to where I am that I really don’t want to take any risks. I appreciate there have been lots of studies in USA and many women have had it but there is no long lasting studies - for obvious reasons as it is so new! If I wasn’t pregnant I would 100% get it now.I only have 6 weeks left and I can wfh so for me this is the right decision. I don’t think there is a right or wrong and I am just over anxious about everything so for me this was the right decision for me and baby.Whatever you decide will be the right choice for you :) xx

I couldn’t have said it better Rainbow! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻That’s my exact thinking…although I’m due end of July so a little longer still but as you I work from home and don’t really mix with people…I only leave the house for walks in the park where there’s plenty of space and rarely anyone there…wow 6 weeks you must be SO EXCITED ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍xx

I am definitely going to have the vaccine as soon as possible after my first trimester scan. I had some excellent advice from my midwife. It seems completely safe but I just want to make sure the baby is all ok before I go ahead. A couple of weeks to wait!

Frankly I can work from home and I am too exhausted for much socialising but in pregnancy it’s unavoidable having to go to hospital and inevitably be exposed to the virus. So I’m not taking the risk. Every time I interact with a frontline person like midwives or consultants or sonographers or even use a hospital toilet I am very aware of the risk I am exposing myself and the baby. I wouldn’t be able to cope with the anxiety of getting covid. One can’t even take proper medication for anything so not a pleasant thought going through all that!

I am also keen that the baby gets the immunity from the vaccine. It will make me feel that little bit safer when people offer cuddles to my newborn and I would rather not having to ask them if they have had the vaccine yet...I know it’s not too serious a virus for children but no newborn is really safe from high temperature even if it’s for a short time.

So a massive definitely for me! Just need to get to 13 weeks.

Hi, I think a lot of it is based on your personal choice, I’m 35 and at the time of getting pregnant was healthy, eating right, going to the gym 5 days a week, yet still at 8 weeks pregnant I got Covid back in Nov. I have suffered a previous miscarriage so was a little on edge, but I’m glad to say myself and my baby did just fine. Although the guidance has changed I’ve decided not to have the vaccine while I’m pregnant, as someone else has said there obviously isn’t any evidence of the long term effects on unborn babies and pregnant women (although I too am probably being over cautious), but as I only have 4 weeks left of my pregnancy it’s not a risk I need to take. I hope you come to a decision that’s right for you, as there certainly isn’t a correct one, and as time goes on I’m sure they’ll be plenty of healthy babies born while their mothers have been vaccinated during pregnancy. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy 😀

I’m unsure what toDo. I’m in the 30 group. I’ve got 12 weeks left. If they offer in the next few weeks then maybe but if it nears July then no I’ll just wait until baby here x

I personally won’t be having it, it’s still classed as an experimental vaccine until 2023 and as someone else said they have no idea of any long term side effects yet because it’s still so nee. They’re also now looking into reports of it impacting menstrual cycles and fertility in women and including it as a potential side effect (as reported by the BBC). The way I see it, the rates of the virus are massively decreasing and as long as I keep my head screwed on with using common sense around precautions then the baby and I will be fine, after all I haven’t caught it over the last year (and I even went to Tanzania for 6 weeks where they had no precautions in place!) You have to do what feels right for you though x

Totally agree with you, keeping same approach xx

I read tonnes of threads in forums like this and then pretty much the whole internet before deciding to get mine yesterday 😂 There was a helpful video someone shared with experts recently discussing/debunking myths about impact on fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby and there’s a fb group that both helped me make my decision. Good luck, I know it’s tough and felt really overwhelming at times but doing my own research helped me make my decision and put my mind at ease. Hope these help you x

I was offered Pfizer yesterday! I’m only 16 weeks but I won’t be taking anything until after baby is here in Oct! I would rather take the AZ vaccine as it’s a more ‘traditional’ type of vaccine like the flu jab but for me Pfizer is a bit too new. Though it seems very safe and I’ve only heard good things about it. There have been no bad effects on the unborn baby. But the time frame is just too short to know for sure (for me anyway). I refuse to be pressured into taking it. I work from home anyway, low risk and don’t feel I’m in more danger in any way just because I’m pregnant. Of course some people have to take it due to job or high risk health. It’s a tough decision but trust your gut feeling.

Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy! xxx

I’m 42 and 21 weeks pregnant, had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last week, no side effects. Bit concerned about if it will harm baby, but far more concerned about the risk to baby if I catch Covid so was an easy decision for me.

I’m 40 years old and 28 weeks with twins. I’ve decided not to have the vaccine til after the babies are born due to not enough evidence on the effects on the babies and basically only having 9 weeks left. I’m working from home and don’t see many people although I do have a little boy attending preschool every day. As most people are now having it, I feel safer due to that. Such a tough one but I’d rather sit tight I feel.

I had a vaccine yesterday (Pfizer) at nearly 19 weeks. If I was closer to giving birth I’d have probably waited until after, and if I was in my first trimester I’d have waited too. But it seemed the right time to go ahead, especially with plans to stay with relatives and catch up with lots of friends in a few weeks time. I felt satisfied by the results of use of the vaccine in the US. I got cramp in my lower leg during sleep last night - a side effect? (well I haven’t had it any other time recently) and also a little tired today but otherwise fine.

Prior to this I did have an appt at a mass vac centre, figuring they’d have provision for pregnant women, but disappointingly they only had AZ. Had to rebook through GP set-up.

All the best whatever you choose!

Im 39 with Graves/overactive thyroid and 22.5 weeks pregnant. I’ve been invited for the vaccine and tried to weigh up the pros and cons.. but after reading all of the limited research and data available, have currently decided against it for the minute. There’s enough research to show there’s little/no adverse effects on the mother but no research at the min on the affects of the vaccine on the baby itself and no UK research at all as it’s only just been approved here for pregnant women.. I’m already at risk of fetal anomalies due to Graves and a higher BMI and my age and have to have extra scans at 28weeks+, so unless my midwife / specialist give me a really good reason to have it I’ll be taking extra care to avoid groups/people and waiting to have the jab as soon the babies here in a few months.

I am really, really torn too! It is like a head and heart battle within myself at the moment and it is causing a bit of anxiety I must admit. I really don’t know what to do 😞 We will be 27 weeks tomorrow. Work is stopping me seeing patients from next week and will mainly work from home, but will also have office work, so will be seeing my colleagues in the office - who will still see patients.

I just want to do what is best for my baby. But if I get covid I might risk premature labour and who knows what else - but numbers where we live are so low now so I cannot help but feel risk is reduced. And I was redeployed to ED in the first wave - and took precaution/PPE - and I have never had covid, so might have been lucky or I am doing something right.

At the same time there is little evidence, but much evidence that other vaccines are good/safe. But none of them are mRNA - so who knows. And what if it was better I had it so baby got protected too - like whooping cough 🤯

I am trying to be careful, but I still cannot see my family as they live in another country - so homesickness since getting pregnant has been really tough! We have waited so long for this and I cannot even see my mum with my bump 😭 or let her touch it. We talk lots of FaceTime, but it is not the same. So I feel for my mental health I do need to see some friends here and there! My partner is the same too! He has worked from home for over a year now - basically just seeing me mainly, so he too has a need to start seeing his friends again. So I feel even if we are still careful - risk is going up!!

I asked midwife for advice, so said it is my decision, but advised I talk to GP as they have had more training on it. Contacted my GP who just said - “Completely your choice”. Could not offer any help with my benefit/risk assessment.

Sorry for the rant - but I just am finding this such a difficult decision 😏🧐

All the best to you all 🥰

Awww hun, I totally get you ❤️I’m the same you know? Family abroad, only see them on FaceTime my mum has never saw me pregnant 😢I’m sending her pictures of the bump but not the same…working from home too and basically still shielding, I get freaked out after a while when I’m around people (who act so carelessly btw!) and although I don’t have this urge to go out at the same time I’m wondering that after the birth I’ll have to have the jab…so is it better having the Pfizer/Moderna before birth or the AstraZeneca after? Who knows… I’m 28+1 💋xx

I had my first dose of Astra Zeneca before I knew I was pregnant. I’m due my second dose now, but I’m going to wait until after the baby is born. I’m confident I have some protection, and rates of infection are currently low.

If I hadn’t already had AZ and was offered Pfizer I would take it, but as I’ve started with AZ I’ll wait.

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