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12 weeks pregnant. Should I get the COVID Vaccine?

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am a teacher. It is very hard for me to fully socially distance at work. I have been offered (and I have booked) my 1st Pfizer vaccine. I know there has been research done in the USA for pregnant women and apparently it’s safe. The GOV site now recommend that you go ahead when invited. So that’s why I booked. Now I’m having doubts! Has anyone who is pregnant had it yet? Is everything ok?

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I had it at 21 weeks, I'm overweight, nearly 40 and have gestational diabetes so I booked it as soon as the guidance was updated that you could have it while pregnant. I'd been following the research in the states and Israel and I've already had my flu and whooping cough vaccines and been fine. I'm definitely more worried about getting Covid-19 while pregnant and with a toddler to look after, than having the vaccine. Especially with lockdown restrictions lifting. I had it last Thursday and I'm feeling fine, my arm ached for a day or two but no absolutely other symptoms and baby has been kicking lots these last few days which is reassuring.

I think it's such a shame there's so much misinformation out there though, because I think even if you can prove it's misinformation and that it's a load of rubbish, it's always in the back of your mind. Especially when you're trying to decide on something that is for you and baby, not just yourself.

Good luck with your decision and congratulations on your pregnancy xx 😁

Hi there, I know it's such a difficult decision. You have to do what feels right for you. Everyone's situation is different and don't feel pressured by other people!!Are you high risk or out and about mixing with lots of people? Then maybe it is best to take it.

I am at 16 weeks and don't intend to take it for now. I am not ant-vax but my gut tells me to wait as I am low-risk, work from home, and Covid numbers are low in my area.

Whatever your decision it has to feel totally right for you.

All the best xxx

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Thanks for the replies. I am not high risk as such but my BMI is high and I am a teacher so I’m in a room for up to 30 students 5 times a day.

I am pretty certain I will get it before my due date because I worry about getting COVID whilst pregnant and the effects of that. My dilemma now is next week when vaccine is booked I will be 13 weeks. My question to Myself I suppose is; is 13 weeks still too early??!!

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Perhaps your doctor or midwife can reassure you.I am sure it is fine and beginning of second trimester is apparently the best time to have it. But it's normal to be worried. I even feel like 16 weeks is too early.We are supposed to avoid so many things in early pregnancy, so we are feeling extra vulnerable and concerned about what we put in our bodies.

If it helps I have only heard positive things about the Pfizer vaccine so far. xx

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I called the doctor to try and get a telephone appointment but they did they are not involving themselves in these discussions and to call 119.

I am seeing midwife today (early second appointment because my blood pressure is high). I will discuss with her and hopefully she can help.

If you can’t socially distance then work have to suspend you on full pay. It needs to be in your risk assessment that you can’t distance.

I am a teacher but able to distance from my children (I have a very very small class). I am sat behind a masked line all day and I do not move.

Also please remember as a teacher you get 100 days full pay sick and 100 days half pay sick. This doesn’t include weekends or holidays. I have had to use this. Do not feel guilty for doing so.

You need to tell work you can’t distance. Regardless if you get the vaccine you still must distance as pregnant women are classes as CV.

There’s a couple of threads on here from the last week or so with lots of info etc on them you might find helpful! This is what came out to high risk workers in early jan - so maybe waiting till 14 weeks would be sensible? Bear in mind it predates all the changes in guidance to be positive about getting them. I had mine before this came out at 9 and then 15 weeks - covid rates were massive and I’m a dentist doing aerosols all day.

Whatever you do make sure you feel happy with the decision as currently it is yours to make. Bear in mind your work risk assessment should kick up a notch at 28 weeks but we don’t know what state the country will be in - it could be almost normal in which case you’re less likely to be paid to not work etc and that almost scares me more! I’m more glad I had mine based on people out socialising now than actually for work even though I spend all day in flying spit!


I'm a teacher, I had it the same day as my 12 week scan. I was a little worried about having it before that all advice/medical professionals I spoke to said there's no reason not to. I think I would be much more anxious with things beginning to open up, students without masks etc if I hadn't had it. So probably would have caused me more stress if I didn't.

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Thanks this really helps. I spoke with midwife and she said there is no reason to delay it. So I’m going ahead next Thursday. Wish me luck xx

These vaccines are only currently sanctioned for emergency use, full license will not be granted until 2023. Their long term safety has not been established, and is as yet unknown.

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The long term Side effects of COVID are known and are not great. I think the risk was worth it!

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I wish you and your baby well.


I’m almost 13w and had the Pfizer yesterday. I waited until the first trimester scan and results to make sure everything was fine and I booked for literally the day after.

Being pregnant makes me more nervous about catching anything that can have complications and raise temperature. I am hoping that I can time it all so I’m fully vaccinated by the third trimester when it becomes particularly dangerous.

I didn’t want to have it before my scan and my midwife agreed that it’s best at the beginning of the second trimester onwards.

I had no really side effect since I had it, apart from a sore arm this morning for a few hours and feeling a bit tired (which is really not new, story of my whole first trimester!).

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I had mine yesterday too and same here no side effects at all. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

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