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Feel so tired

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I am 7 weeks pregant this Friday. It need some advice on tiredness please. Been off work for a month as been going through ivf and I got a positive result. Fingers crossed it will stay like that. I am due to go back to work next Tuesday but I am worried regarding how tired I get at the moment. Some afternoons I have to have a nap or at least lay down for a while. I do 12 hour shifts. Not overally busy there. I wonder if I feel more tired when at home as bored. How have others felt? Worried I might struggle. I know the first trimester is hardest.

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Hello,Everyone seems to be so different but tiredness was the worst thing for me between week 6-10. I had to go to bed every afternoon!

I am lucky I work from home but I really struggled. I think if I had to go into work I would have had to tell them. Will it be possible to take a rest at work if you need? 12 hour shift is quite long.

I did find that I was more awake outside of home but would be exhausted later and have to go straight to bed when I got home! Hopefully your tiredness will only last a few weeks like it did for me.

Sending you best wishes and be gentle with yourself! x

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Hi thank you. Have only this last couple of weeks. I hope it won't last too much longer. Yeah 12 hours is long. Can have breaks and stuff. Can't lay down like at home. May feel more tired if not doing as much. At least I only work 3 days. Can rest on days off. X

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Cmh25 in reply to MariaBW

I think it's just natural for 1st trimester, as my tiredness was extreme but blood results were all fine! Oh yeah I found that regular (healthy) snacks and drinking lots of water helped to keep energy up! X

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Have you had your booking appointment? This should be done before 10 weeks. Your tiredness could be due to anemia. Your midwife will draw blood for several tests including anemia. However pregnancy does make you tired as your body is changing and need to accommodate for the growing foetus. If you are not due to see your midwife yet just ring your Gp and they should be able to investigate your symptoms. All the best xx

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MariaBW in reply to Hills2005

Thank you. I have my first scan for 7 weeks tomorrow. Got quite a few things to ask at my appointment. Not had a booking appointment yet. I will mention about the tiredness but I do think it's worse when I'm at home not doing much, but more so after a busy day. Xx

I would say if you're at home not doing anything you're definitely more likely to be feeling the tiredness than if you're keeping busy. You're probably have more time to think about every little symptom too. Keeping your mind and body occupied is a definitely a plus to get through 😁First trimester is tiring but it shouldn't be exhausting, it might be worth mentioning it to your midwife at your booking in appointment, like someone else said to check for anaemia because that can cause tiredness.

All the best x

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MariaBW in reply to Seb9

Yeah I agree. When out and about I don't feel so tired. Well got my first scan tomorrow so can ask about get checked for anaemia. Got other questions to ask. Definitely feel better when I get further a long.

Thank you x

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NE21 in reply to Seb9

Agreed - I mainly slept from 8-12 weeks when not at work but just pulled myself together for work because I had to! Just get rest on your days off as assume with 12 hour shifts you are unlikely to be on a 5/6 day week

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MariaBW in reply to NE21

Yeah I only do 3 12 hour shifts. No more then 2 days together. Definitely make sure I rest on my days off. Hopefully I can do this.

Just give it a go and see, you can always ask for a sick note if it ends up being too much. I also have a super busy and stressful job with long hours and managed to work pretty much normal for both of my pregnancies but would often be completely exhausted on days I am at home. There is something about being at work and engaged with an activity that seems to help you get through. Just make sure you make time to eat and drink. Honestly it was only the vomiting that made work difficult for me the tiredness surprisingly seems easier, even when I feel I can barely get out of bed at the weekend.

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MariaBW in reply to Crk281

Thanks you for your advice. I am tempted to at least try it. I might surprise myself. Guess I just need to take it one day at a time.

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Crk281 in reply to MariaBW

Yeah you can always change things if it's not working.

OK thank you I'll definitely try that x

I am 8 weeks tomorrow & have been soooo weary. When I’m at work (I’m a community midwife) with patients I’m fine, you just get in work mode & crack on, as soon as I’m back in my car it hits me. I’ve had online learning this morning & fell asleep through most of it so I think it’s deffo that when you’re home you’re more relaxed & sleepy. Also, as a community midwife I can’t even remember the last time I picked up anaemia at booking appointment so I’m sure it’s more pregnancy exhaustion that anything to worry about. You’re building a baby! That’s very complex & knackering stuff! Xx

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Hills2005 in reply to Rcs11

Had anemia both my pregnancies and all was picked up at my 10 weeks appointment. My symptoms were SOB and tiredness. Actual anemia is very common in pregnancy. Do agree sitting at home and do nothing makes you tired too. But until she has some bloods taken she wouldn’t know excatly the cause of her symptoms.

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MariaBW in reply to Rcs11

Yeah true. I'll make sure I rest when I can. I will not over do it. No one else does anyway at work and I've got a reason. Xx

Thank you. It is a lot to take on. Definitely going to try my best to get through. Finger's crossed it will be easier then I think xx

I told my managers very early that I was pregnant so they knew why I was tired and had to sit down at times (I'm a nursery nurse and we're usually running around with the kids) This was included in my risk assessment which all pregnant ladies have.

I've already informed my manager so that he is aware. I am not sure about telling anyone else yet. There are always times to sit down for definite. Mornings are the busiest but might keep me going. I am a care assistant so I know how u feel.

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