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Induction tomorrow / c-section as back up

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So, going in for an induction tomorrow at 40+4 and if no joy, booked in for a c-section. Happy to read about other people’s similar experiences. No complications with me as such, I am 40yo however and have been worried about baby being over due as there are more risks once baby is overdue. He’s ready to come out and sitting very low I am told. However, cervix was checked the other day and was 2cms and soft apparently so a bit worried about my body just not playing ball, looking forward to not being pregnant soon! It’s been a looong ass 9 months!

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Oh and I should have also mentioned he was estimated to be weighing 3.5kgs at 37 weeks! But apparently he’s within the so called “normal” range but definitely higher side of things. I am disappointed they haven’t offered another growth scan as that was 3.5 weeks ago now! 😬🤷🏼‍♀️

I had an induction at 39+6 because I had gestational diabetes and at my last scan baby hadn't grown much so they wanted to make sure she was out OK in case my placenta was breaking down.It went really well, I had the pessary to soften my cervix for 24 hours, so spent a lazy day at the hospital reading and watching films. The pessary wasn't that comfortable so I took some paracetamol and had a tens machine which was really helpful. It didn't trigger labour so I'm the morning I went to the ward to go on the drip.

If you don't go into labour from the pessary have a big breakfast from before they put you on the drip as they might not let you eat after it.

They broke my waters with gas and air and then put me on the drip. The contractions started very quickly but I wasn't fully dilated and I asked for an epidural because it was going to be a long time till I was dilated, the epidural was amazing. I rested all day and even had a nap until I was ready to push. The epidural was wearing off by the time it time I was ready to push so I could feel the contractions which helped. I was pushing for about an hour and they did think I might have to have intervention but then the midwives really pushed me on and were really getting me to give it some welly and she came out on her own. I had a small tear and a graze and was healed up really quickly.

We had to stay in for 24 hours because of the gestational diabetes so baby had to have blood checks to make sure her sugar levels were OK and we were good to go.

I would highly recommend the epidural if it looks like your induction will take a while because you don't need to be in pain all day while you wait to dilate enough. Best of luck and congratulations 😁

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Hey. Thanks for responding ☺️🙏🏼I guess I was thinking if it’s a 24 hour pessary (which is the plan I believe) then they will send us home not keep us in for monitoring. My biggest concern around being kept in is them sending my partner away and having to be there on my own.

Of course, I’m a big girl and I can do it but just rubbish partners are so restricted in what they are allowed to come to at the moment. I don’t want him feeling left out and it’s nice having him around.

Although I’m not having the induction with the c-section as back up because of a medical condition as such, I’m just worried that he’s a big baby and worrying about being over due now too as that comes with it’s own risks and being 40 (although consultant yesterday pointed out I am otherwise fit and healthy) I read that risks with “natural” birth increases with age. That and the fact that I have been feeling SUUUUPER uncomfortable and in pain for a while now. I’m disappointed they haven’t offered another growth scan since 37 weeks. Almost 4 weeks ago now! The consultant said they don’t tend to worry about babies being too big only too small! But obviously for the mum birthing, if the baby is too large we need to know that and take into consideration whether “natural” birth is even gonna be feasible.

What was it like having your waters broken? All sounds a bit horrendous.

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I quite enjoyed the 24 hours relax on my own with the pessary, if I'm honest. My husband was allowed in with me while it was done and then we went for a walk round the grounds and had lunch at one of the hospital cafes. Then he went home. For me it was the last time I had really on my own with my thoughts and only had to worry about myself and get my self prepared for what was ahead. I could have a bath or shower or the ward and they just kept bringing me hot drinks and food. My husband is not great at sitting round either, so I knew of he'd stayed he'd have been bored and I'd have worried about him. I wasn't allowed home, but we live about an hour away from the hospital so it might depend on how close you are and different hospitals might have different poliw, you can probably check with your midwife what your hospital does.

The water breaking was fine, but it definitely wasn't what I expected, I wasn't overdue so my waters probably weren't quite ready to go and the midwife doing it definitely got a sweat on trying to get through both layers of the sac. It wasn't that uncomfortable or painful for me and I had gas and air which just gave me the giggles. I just remember giggling at the thought that my husband probably didn't put as much effort in getting me pregnant as she had breaking my waters 😂 which kept making me laugh.

I think size wise, if they're on the normal scale even if they're on the larger ends of the scale a natural birth is still OK, plus ultrasound are nearly always off, I had lots of extra scans because of gestational diabetes and they predicted my baby would be about 7lb1 and she was actually only 6lb1 so they're not always very accurate at predicting weight. Good luck and hope it all goes well for you xxx

Take huge up-to-your-belly button knickers in case it ends up in a section. I ended up having a section and what I thought were big pants sat right on the wound and I ended up borrowing my mum's pants!!!

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Good shout. Thank you. I don’t think I have any, but will try to get some if I can ☺️👍🏼🙏🏼

I had a failed induction, one pessary for 24 hours then another for 6 hours - a stronger one. They didn’t work but they managed to break my waters anyway at 1cm dilated. Went on the drip and after going up to the strongest hormone for 10 hours and no progress we had a c-section. Baby boy was 9lb 3oz... I’m 5’3 and about 9stone so he was a big boy for me to carry!

I went into hospital on the Saturday afternoon and eventually had him on Monday night so the whole process felt like it took ages. My husband was there every time I had a procedure, but had to go home in between. This was in August so things might be different now. Check with your hospital though.

Section went well, took a while to heal as I got an infection- I think from having a bath (I wasn’t told you can’t have a bath after a section til the wound is healed!)

Good luck with everything, he’ll be here soon enough x

I was induced a few days before my due date due to reduced movements, like you baby had dropped and was told my cervix was soft etc when they put the pessary in. My contractions started about 7 hours after the pessary went in, waters broke naturally a few hours later and by that point was in established labour and moved to delivery.

Baby was born naturally exactly 24 hours after the pessary was put in.

Sounds like your body is ready so hopefully you just need a little push. I really didn’t want to be induced as heard lots of stories of it being long or not working but it’s not always the case!x

Hi I’m 41 was told because of age I would be induced at 40w I have GD now at 36w baby weighing about the same as yours 7lb 6oz now I’ve had 2 babies and this is huge to me at 36w my 2nd was this at 40w. But because I’m diet controlled and doing well with it they’ll leave me until 39/40w I haven’t got a date yet still waiting I’m abit concerned on the size at 40w would be nearly 10lb 😳 there’s no way lol I don’t think I get another scan nothing was mentioned. I think my partner would just come in with me from the start of induction once your in your in.

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Unfortunately my partner is not allowed to come in with me. He is only allowed to visit for 1 hour per day until I’m in active labour. 🤷🏼‍♀️I hear you about your concerns. We were measuring 7lbs 9oz at 37 weeks. I’m concerned about vaginal birth for sure but whatever happens we don’t come out unscathed 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Ahh my hospital says that can come from the start but once in there in can’t come and go, it could be a long wait so they might want to stay home and eat and sleep more comfortably lol lucky them!

I think between 38/39 will be better

I had to get induced due to baby measuring small on graph everything went smoothly they brook my water and put me straight on the drip and had my little one 5 hours later good luck

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Thank you. From a mother’s body perspective smaller is better than larger! I’m worried about this baby being HUGE which is why I’m not waiting any longer! He needs to come out now. Very much done

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True but hospitals.are more concerned if the baby is small than large because they know bigger means baby is growing fine

I'm not sure where you've read that risks go up after 40 weeks. You're not overdue until 42 weeks and unless you really don't want to, you can wait for spontaneous labour. The increase in risk after 42 weeks is pretty tiny by the way too. Best of luck.

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Thank you The consultant we spoke to confirmed risks going up. I don’t smoke or drink and haven’t done so for many years so I am overall pretty healthy. Of course these factors are also taken into consideration. I’m very much done with being pregnant and my body needs him to come out now.

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It's annoying that they say that really because it scares people. Just want you to have an induction with your eyes open as the consultant should have gone through the risks of that too... And they are quite significant. I can understand that you're fed up though. Hope it works out for you!

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Yeah, got all the info on risks given to me 🙏🏼

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I was induced and had an epidural and was monitored to try to give birth for a whole day, only got to 5cms dilated and was finally given an emergency c section. Ended up with streptococcus B infection as waters had broke for a long time and baby in Special baby unit for 2 days on antibiotics. Was told it was an average size baby and he weighed 10.2lbs and the surgeon struggled to get his shoulders out. Had a larger scar than normal due to his size. The woman next to me was induced and she had natural birth but as she was early twenties I was told your age plays a factor. I felt sad having a c section but think it was the only way in the end due to his size. Felt annoyed with people monitoring his size as I had borderline gestational diabetes and was over 40 years old and baby was 40+9 days and by ivf. Hope your experience will be better x

Hi, I was 40+3 days. I had a stretch and sweeps 3 days before having baby and I had an infection from it I believe, so I rang in to tell them and they told me to come in to be checked. I was low risk all pregnancy and they made me high risk when they popped my waters. Baby was very high up and not interested in coming down so they started me on anti biotics, then they broke my waters and discovered baby had done a meconium inside me as the waters were brown then started me on pictocin, body reacting slowly to contractions and had Epidural at 3cm. I got to 4cm and still baby was In no rush to come down, so I had to have a c - section as baby is at risk of deteriorating if she's out of the amiontic fluid for too long. Baby was born at 8 pounds 13oz which i couldn't have done naturally. I didn't take it too well at first, kept thinking why can't my body just to do it naturally but I'm glad I got the c section in the end, got my baby quickiest way after being over due and waiting a while . Good luck with your c section and take all the painkillers you can get and wish you full recovery

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