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I found breast feeding reduces leukemia is this a fact?

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Was looking on NHS breastfeeding and it said it is also good to breastfeed because it reduces the chance of lukemia is this a fact?

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It says that there's not enough research been done on it so say for sure. Breastfeeding is fantastic to do and I fed my little one for 16 months and will be hoping to do the same with my next baby, but if you can't breastfeed or don't want to breastfeed, millions of children around the world have had formula and not had leukaemia so if your baby is formula fed for whatever reason then there's no reason to think they're would develop leukaemia just because you've not breastfed them. Have you spoken to your GP or Health visitor about your concerns? I think you definitely sound like your worrying a lot about things you can't control maybe they could provide you with some support on how to worry a bit less xx

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I have an appointment booked this month for healthy minds. I'm deffo a worrier.. as you can tell... I am breast feeding and plan to for as long as possible...

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I loved breastfeeding after those first few crazy cluster feeding weeks, mainly because I'm lazy and cheap! More money to spend on cakes without formula and no bottles to wash up 😉Glad to hear you're getting some support from healthy minds, motherhood is definitely the scariest thing I've ever done and, so good support is so important 😘

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Bigblueskies in reply to Seb9

I agree! It’s hard to get going but once established it’s the easiest, simplest way to feed a baby! I did it to about 15 months but I know how hard it is so I completely understand that it can’t be possible for some women. Easiest way to get a baby to sleep to!

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Yeah I really hate the mum shaming and guilt tripping about how people choose to feed their babies. Especially as sometimes the support for mums is so lacking 😊

Breast feeding has definitely many benefits to your baby and yourself. Every mom is completely different some likes to feed their baby breast milk exclusively others prefer bottle from day one and it’s all completely normal. And all babies will receive nutrients to support their normal growth.

It seems like you are more concerned about this rare disease than breastfeeding itself. I could be wrong don’t want to sound judgemental. But have seen some of your posts in here too think last week about the same topic.

I am glad to hear that you are seeking professional help to reduce some of the anxieties you have. I am sending you lots of wishes and I hope a care provider will assist you with your worries so that you can be able to take care of your little one without worrying about diseases which no one can control.

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Yes it is rare but did not know how rare... Spoke to a professional about this yesterday... To reassure me... Was told stats and real causes and was told it's more hereditary genetics etc.... I'm glad no one in my family and husband's family have cancer... ( As in young age) Which brings so much comfort... So I'm feeling very reassured.

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