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11 weeks no symptoms . Is it normal?

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HI All,

I am pregnant with my first and am in my 11th week. I do not have any morning sickness even though i have tender breasts, bleeding gums, bloating, indigestion, sleepy, hungry all the time etc. I felt all energetic for most of my 11 weeks. Should i be worried? Is it normal to have no symptoms or tiredness?

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hey, congratulations on your pregnancy.You can count yourself lucky and enjoy it, around 1/3 women do not have morning sickness and some don't have any symptoms at all. And you have other symptoms and a positive test (I assume), so don't worry.

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SreePotluri in reply to Mcra

Thanks. Yes, i did have an early scan and saw a consistent heartbeat at 6w4d but as its my first a bit anxious i guess . I am having my dating scan next friday and hope everything goes fine.

You do have symptoms you have listed them lol.

I didn't have any sickness either. My lo is 2.5 now 🙂

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Haha true. But going through internet gave me a panic attack and all sort of ideas. Thanks for confirming. :)

Congratulations i am also pregnant with my first but i only have 4 weeks left to go. I was the same as you had a little panic at the start as i had no symptoms but its perfectly fine i have had none the whole way through apart from heartburn the last few weeks.

Good luck. X

Thank you this puts me at ease now.

Absolutely normal. My symptoms started to drop off at week 6 just before my first scan and I was so worried but nearly 17 weeks now. It really does vary from woman to woman so I would just enjoy not feeling sick xx

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Agreed, but internet is bad to search anything these days i guess more questions than answers.

Congrats! I didn't have any symptoms until 12 weeks + when I started to have sickness etc and now 31 weeks!

I had no morning sickness or intense symptoms other than exhaustion! 16+1 weeks now and everything is going well. I was worried too but as soon as you have your dating scan, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy it more. Congratulations! X

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