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Reflux and eating at night

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Hi :) I'm currently 15wks and have had acid reflux since week 7-8 (those damned hormones...). I'm taking acidex/gaviscon to deal with the reflux but struggling in the evening to get a good night's sleep. On one hand, I'm advised to eat light meals and my last meal 3h before bed so that I have less reflux while sleeping, on the other I'm waking up several nights at 3-4h in the morning hungry. Any suggestions for some pre-bed snacks that might help or things that have worked for you if you've been through the same? Thank you!!

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Hey, I have the same issue. I eat almonds with a glass of milk. This doesn't trigger my stomach. I hope that helps.

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Thank you! I will try that :)

I’m 36 weeks and heartburn / reflux has been getting worse over the past few days to the point last night about 11pm I was sick. Then propped myself up with cushions and slept more upright to let gravity do it’s work & got the first full night sleep in a long time! Am going to be careful what I eat today just plain things little & often with sips of water



I have a real problem with heartburn and reflux in pregnancy. I had it last time and it’s back again earlier this time. It gets worse the further on I am for me (unlike nausea which stopped at 13 weeks last time so keeping my fingers crossed).

The only thing that worked for me was Omeprazole. My consultant prescribed it in hospital. It is safe in pregnancy and it was amazing! I only took it on the bad days. My GP gave it to me this time around too. I’m very cautious with drugs in pregnancy but I have read enough about it to know it’s safe. Perhaps worth discussing with your GP if that’s something that would help you?

Otherwise I generally avoid anything tomato based, dairy, chocolate and things that are hard to digest like beans. I don’t eat meat but if I did, that would be too heavy for me to digest too. It is quite limiting but it is too painful otherwise!

Crackers, rice, pasta and salads are the main foods that won’t affect me.

I found sleeping propped up helped, plus gaviscon as needed

A glass of milk about an hour before bed helps sooth your stomach acid. Apart from that, sleeping with 2 pillows has made a massive difference for me, plus the occasional Rennie tablet in the middle of the night. If you keep struggling they can definitely prescribe omeoprazole which is safe during pregnancy.

Thank you all for the ideas :) I'm already sleeping propped up with a wedge pillow, which helped a bit, and if it keeps this way I'll talk with the GP to take omeoprazole.

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