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Water and tea for babies

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Hello! I have a 3 week old baby and my mum insists on giving her water and tea. I am breastfeeding and I don’t think she needs anything else beside my milk, neither I’ve seen any doctor recommending it. What do you think? Have you tried to give a baby water/tea?

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No just breast or formula milk

Got to be a joke right?! Tea?!

If it’s a serious question....absolutely not.

The only time I’ve heard of giving a baby water would be if they’re constipated and even then as an exception snd very small amounts. Constipation also isn’t common in breastfed babies.It’s hard when a close relative recommends something you may not agree with.

What would be the purpose of giving tea/water?

I really wouldn’t recommend either at this stage, breast milk or formula is everything baby needs up until 12 months unless a medical professional suggests otherwise.

Breastfed babies need nothing but breast milk xx

Please don’t give your baby water or any other liquid that isn’t breastmilk or formula. This can be very dangerous for babies. U less a doctor tells you to offer anything else, then you must not.

I had a similar thing with my grandmother. She was trying to persuade me to give my 6 month old honey, which can cause botulism in young babies before the age of one. Just because they did it back then and the babies survived, doesn’t mean it’s good!

I really wish parents and grandparents would respect medical advice rather than push what they did experimentally in their day.

Hi definitely not. My Mam used to give water to me when I was a baby. I just told her we do things differently now. She doesn't need it to when she weans. There were a few things my Mam was shocked at that we didn't do now but in late 70s did. Cot bumpers were another thing. I just showed her the advice. Hopefully she will understand. Kind regards Caroline 😊. Xx

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Treeoflife42 in reply to cazchoc

My mother posted me my nieces' old cot bumpers. Now they are taking up space in a cupboard and I don't know how to get rid of them 🙄

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Lillilly in reply to cazchoc

Just curious, what is the advice regarding cot bumpers? I wasn’t even aware of them. Thanks

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Seb9 in reply to Lillilly

Cot bumpers are really dangerous as babies can get caught up in the and suffocate or be strangled. I've no idea why they're still sold, but people think they look good, so if people will buy them businesses will sell them sadly.

Here's more information from the lullaby Trust, they have lots of information about safer sleep for babies.


Hi, as everyone else said absolutely not. Milk is the only thing they need.

Hello, under no circumstances a baby should have anything else than breastmilk or formula. After 6 months old as you start giving food water should be given but tea no way.( tea is for medical use not recommended in children ) This are old habits our mom used to do ( not to mention sweeten tea) and now they believe that if they raised us healthy they know everything. But times changed alot and we learned from mistakes. Try to explain to her that. Hopefully she will understand. Glad you do your research before action. You are a great mom!

I'm very concerned about this. Put your foot down and say no,babies only need breastmilk or formula & get their fluid in take from that.

Your mum shouldn’t be insisting on anything - it’s your baby! And as others have said absolutely not! I live in a very hot country and it’s tempting to think baby needs water but no!!!

Hi - you lease don’t give your baby yea, hot or cold. There’s no evidence to suggest that it’s good for the baby, but non to suggest it’s bad, just tea isn’t a baby drink. Baby if perfectly happy sucking away in your breast. As Much as your mum may think her old wife’s tail is going to allow baby to grow big and strong, she should be told that it’s not her choose and that tea should be drank in the morning or afternoon, after a hard mornings Graf, not aster baby’s afternoon nap!

Hi there my mum was the same, even insisted on me giving a spoon of apple puree from a month old. They were all given different advice then. If you're ever unsure call your HV, but the UK advice is milk only until 6 months. As someone else said if baby becomes constipated then maybe you can think of alternatives but I'd ask for advice from a HV.Also when she says tea my mum actually meant camomile or fennel tea and you can get baby tea online and it might help when they have colds. My son didn't like the taste and haven't had to try recently.

Just remember your mum was given completely different advice from us now, they've done more research and that's why it's changing over time x

Hey tea is actually bad effects the iron levels in baby’s and water should be boiled first and cooled but only on advice for dr the baby don’t need anything until food when they are ready it’s recommended six months but was told by drs to do my son at 3 months as he was sick after bottles but please ask your health visitor and make sure ur mom don’t give baby anything xx

I've heard of giving babies tea in many cultures around the world but not at such a young age its given when baby is being weaned, also in some cultures coffee is given when baby is being weaned, a baby would only need water if they are suffering from constipation which doesn't usually happen in breastfed babies.

Hi, I gave my baby cooled boiled water from 3 months only sips thou .... I didn’t see anything wrong with it and my doctor said it was fine water is in formula milk anyway .... but I would NEVER give my baby tea it has caffeine in as well deffo a no no x

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Chloe0789 in reply to Wendi38

This is kind of dangerous advice, breastfed babies don’t need extra water it’s in the milk, and depending on the amount given and the size of the baby giving water could cause hyponatremia

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Wendi38 in reply to Chloe0789

Firstly, don’t know why you have an attitude? Everyone has different opinions, she just asked a question.... I gave my reply... why don’t you give her your advice rather then jump on my reply 😘

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Chloe0789 in reply to Wendi38

If your reading attitude that’s on you, I’m merely stating that your advice is dangerous, this information is for you not the OP, and she’s quite clearly received several answers of “no water is bad” 👍😘 that’s why I haven’t given my advice

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Wendi38 in reply to Chloe0789

But yet love to jump on mine 🤣🤣🤣🤣 everyone’s entitled to write their opinion,Not everyone will agree so just let people be😘😘👋🏼....

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Chloe0789 in reply to Wendi38

Not at all dangerous advice should be called out! I doubt you’d leave someone to advise that leaving a 2 year old alone is fine!

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Wendi38 in reply to Chloe0789

Oh stop being ridiculous .... saying I’d leave a child on there own ....Like I previously stated my doctor did say it was ok for a few sips as water is in formula milk... I’m not trying to get in a debate I just said my opinion which I’m entitled too....

are you bored??? 🤣

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Chloe0789 in reply to Wendi38

Read my comment again that’s not what I said! And yes your entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to also say that your comment is dangerous! Your the one getting offended for some reason

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Wendi38 in reply to Chloe0789

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 , it’s not what your saying it’s how you’ve written it ..... anyway I’m enjoying my Saturday... enjoy yours bubs 😘😘

No! Breast milk already contains water. Babies shouldn’t have water until they are 6 months old. It can cause water intoxication. Tea?? 😳

If it's very hot a little water, like 30 mls per day, is ok. There is absolutely no indication to give a baby tea.

In the current weather conditions I can see no reason for water. I'm talking like heat wave weather. Breast milk is just fine. Keep going and stand your ground. I know that can be hard particularly when your mum means well.

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Chloe0789 in reply to SRA8

Sorry but no, at 3 weeks old advising even 30 ml is dangerous to the child

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SRA8 in reply to Chloe0789

Not according to my paediatrician x

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Chloe0789 in reply to SRA8

Without a doubt I’d be questioning that tbh x

Absolutely don’t give your newborn water or tea as your breast milk is more than enough. Breast milk has all the nutrients including water your little ones needs for proper growth. My mother was telling me to give my son water but I refused and told her breast milk is more than enough. When you start weaning your baby can still use breast milk/ formula as source of hydration. Water is only used for preparing baby’s meal. If your child is constipated then pls consult your HV or Gp for more guidelines on how to prepare water

Breastfed babies don't need any other food/drink until 6 months old. You could maybe join a meeting of La Leche League and you can discuss further with other breastfeeding mums: laleche.org.uk/find-lll-sup...

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