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Is it positive result?

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Hey everyone

I did this test today as wasn't feeling well, had a strong headache from past few days. Not sure if its truly positive as I still have 12 days left to my periods. Please guide. (If positive this would be my second pregnancy)

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Looks positive to me, congratulations

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Moon20 in reply to Seb9

Thankyou Seb9

I used these tests. Definitely positive. Congratulations!

Isn't this an ovulation test? It says lh on the stick..

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Jane_e in reply to Shaze12

The ovulation sticks of this brand are green.

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Bigblueskies in reply to Shaze12

Yes I see the LH too. It could still be a positive pregnancy test as ovulation tests can pick up hcg. But it is strange that it says LH.

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KiboXX in reply to Bigblueskies

If it is an ovulation test, it’s negative. Line needs to be as dark as the control for it to be positive. You can get this result any day of the month with an LH test x

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Bigblueskies in reply to KiboXX

It depends. I never got anything darker than this and no I wouldn’t get this line any time of the month. That is exactly what my ovulation tests looked like the day before o ovulated every month and I have been pregnant a few times so it is just another version of normal. But some women might get this every day of the month, depending on their baseline LH levels, you’re right.

It definitely looks positive to me!!I used these as well and nothing showed up until I was very close to my period though, but it’s very unusual on these to get a false positive! As it’s still early days I’d probably wait a couple of days and maybe test again with one of these and/or get a digital clear blue test as well, but they’re expensive... I just liked them because it actually said ‘pregnant’ on it 😆 but these ones are just as good! Congratulations! X

12 days before a period is way too early to be pregnant unless you have been pregnant from a previous cycle. The symptoms you describe could be ovulation and this says LH so is it an ovulation test? If yes, then you’re ovulating soon.

It's deffo an ovulation test.

Thankyou all for your guidance. I think I should wait till my period date. In last pregnancy I used the same LH stick and it gave positive result after missing period and line was even faint than this one. But other symptoms started too early like nausea, headache, dizziness....

This time it's only severe headache. Let's see what's the outcome. Will update soon.

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Sophiec93 in reply to Moon20

That’s an ovulation test and it’s not positive. Ovulation tests are only positive if the line is as dark as the control line so it could just be showing because you’re about to ovulate or have already ovulated. When I do ovulation tests I get faint lines all month and then when I ovulate it does go darker. They can show a darker line if pregnant but they’re not reliable as a pregnancy test and if you’ve still got 12 days to your period it’s not a reliable positive result for pregnancy unless you use a pregnancy test

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