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Growth scan - 31 weeks

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Hi everyone

I had my 31 week mw app today. She measured my fundal height and was at 29cm, 3 weeks ago I measured 28 so she is concerned about growth.

I’m obviously panicking now! I’ve done a lot of googling and I can see that the fundal height measurements aren’t always accurate

Have any of you had growth scans? Was everything ok and how quickly after your mw appointment did they get you in for the scan? I’m sure my mw mentioned something about within 3 days but it’s all a bit of a blur!

Thank you!!!

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I don't think fundal height is very accurate, it's so reliant on your body shape and baby being in the exact right spots to get an accurate reading.My friend measured small for her whole pregnancy and she was told to expect a small baby and she had a 10lb baby. Its because she's tall and slender, she never looked huge but he was tucked up in the somewhere.

Yes they have to get it done within 3 days. Saying that I had one with my first, had decreased fluid that settled on second scan. My 3rd baby had 2 weekly scans from 31 weeks onwards for a small baby... 10th centiles then 25th on last couple scans. He was born at 8.4lbs!! (80th centile!) Wouldn't worry unduly but I would still get the recommended checks.


I am going through a similar experience i am 35 weeks and over the past few weeks they are saying i am measuring big they sent me for a scan within the week and the scan people said she was measuring normal, i dont think the mid-wife measuring your bump is accurate and they send us into a panic for nothing. X

Hiya, I had a growth scan yesterday after my midwife telling me that there has been no growth since my last appointment. Scan showed that I had in fact grown so much so that they have offered me the option of being induced as they predict she will be over 9lbs I am 34+5 weeks. So moral of the story is try not panic too much I know it’s hard but it may be that babba is all tucked up.

We had growth scans after every midwife appointment I think from about 26 weeks onwards. Was all fine at the scans, I think it’s just depends on how baby is laying. Imagine you’re laying in bed and someone measures your height based on how far up and down the bed you happen to be each time. Just take it as an extra change to see little one on the screen 🥰

Hello, I measured small my entire pregnancy and was induced at 36+4 days due to cholestasis. Everything was absolutely fine with my daughter she was just petite and still is. I am slim and didn't put any weight on due to sickness .I had three growth scans and freaked out each time thinking their was something wrong but as i say all was fine and the midwife doing the scan said it happens all the time. x

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