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Covid anxiety

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Hi there, is anyone else feeling stressed about the latest findings on the news that pregnant women have a much higher chance of being hospitalised if they catch Covid and much higher chance of dying etc etc.... so now there is more pressure to get the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna are apparently ok now and should be offered to pregnant women). I've always taken Covid seriously but I was never fearful of it before I was pregnant. Now I am 14 weeks pregnant and my anxiety is through the roof. I try not to watch too much news, but the worry is overwhelming sometimes!

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Sorry just seen another post on this... anyway, had to get it off my chest :D

I'm in Canada - where most ICU beds are being taken up by pregnant women during this third wave. It's scary. There's not so much worry about taking the AZ vaccine here when pregnant, in fact it's more a case of - better that than nothing as there's not that many vaccines to go round at the moment. I got the AZ vaccine last week (I'm 15 weeks along) and after 12 hours of feeling horrendous, I feel great now with a whole lot less anxiety about getting Covid. :)

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Thanks for sharing. I am in the UK, it's amazing how every country sounds so different. They have not been offering the vaccine to low-risk pregnant women here. It's only in the last week that this has changed. I'm glad you are feeling great after the AZ vaccine :)

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Ah - I'm 42 and they're only offering the vaccine to over 40s here. They're trying to get pregnant women prioritised but it's not happened just yet.

No I don’t feel like this I’ve just check for the latest figures there 3 cases in my area of 320000 people no deaths it’s virtually down to next to nothing so no.

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Good point. I just checked 19 in my area last week and still some deaths, but it has been going down quite a lot each month.

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You hear all the rises but not how low the figures are getting. I think it’s reassuring I’m 35w so not long to go I can have the vaccine as I’ve now got GD but I’m not getting it just yet I’d rather wait.

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The figures are definitely reassuring, I would rather wait too. best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy :)

I’m 21 weeks and was offered my vaccine last week as I’m 38. I choose not to have it. The case studies are only American and not enough to justify. There is hardly any covid in my area and I take precautions when out or in work. I didn’t catch it in the 1st or 2nd wave so I’m doing something right. X

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Hiya, I haven’t been offered the vaccine yet though I’m 39 I probably will soon but I feel exactly the same as you... I think it’s just the latest media scaremongering that is making me feel a bit stressed x

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For me there isn’t enough evidence to support having it. X

I did some research when I was offered vaccine in march and I didnt find anything that made me worried enough to go for vaccine while pregnant though more people being offered it now so I don't know if I would reconsider. In UK the decision to offer it seemed to be based on less than 500 pregnant women being hospitalised in UK in a year with covid. Of these im sure there were only a couple of deaths the main concern is having to deliver baby early. There are lots of things that factored into stats like ethnicity and underlying health conditions. Its not as simple to say pregnant women are more at risk its pregnant women with other factors. As others have said overall infections are lower as are death's. Ive been very careful throughout and will continue to do so

I'm not pregnant now but I have an underlying health condition. During the first wave the death rate for those with my health condition was around 1 in 8 and my husbands about 1 in 5. I took it very seriously but at the same time tried to get on with my life. I've since had the vaccine and still take as many precautions as I can as nothing is 100%. I would take the vaccine if I was pregnant just like I did the whooping cough and flu vaccine during my last pregnancy.

I had Covid whilst pregnant and had to give birth at 36 weeks. When I was in the hospital there was almost no guidance for doctors in treating Covid in pregnant women. This has changed and in just a few months, there is more info and they have successfully treating pregnant women. Keep taking precautions so you don’t get it I can’t comment about the vaccine but just wanted to give you some reassurance that the NHS have come a long way in treatment. Congratulations on your pregnancy:)

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thank you :) yes you're right NHS has come a long way since last year

I had covid at the beginning of March and for me it was like a mild flu which went away after a week or so, was not seen by a doctor or anything, only took paracetamol and stayed in isolation. It was a mild case for me thanks god, at that point I was 27-28 weeks pregnant...

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Glad you and baby were ok!

Also important to remember that those hospitalised are also sometimes hospitalised as a precaution eg because of other medical conditions or pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks and in the UK. I was offered the vaccine in March due to my job and did a lot of research at the time and couldn't find anything to put me off getting it.

Numbers are massively down at the moment and with the vaccine rollout this is only going to get better so try not to worry too much about that on top of being pregnant.

can I ask, did you have the vaccine? I had my first dose prior to getting pregnant and due my second dose on monday? Feeling it is the right thing to do, but also anxious also

Yes I had the first one around 12 weeks and intend to have the second in June. No part of me regrets my decision and I feel far less stressed at work knowing I've had it. Obviously that is just me but I think the worry would have been worse for me and baby than the vaccine.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and i have worked right through the whole pandemic i think its personal choice and i've waited this far not to have it until i have had my baby and i dont see why i should now with 5 weeks to go because the goverment have said its safe, i would rather everything was fine with my baby that have the jab as i know people who have decided to have it and have had issues since. But i think its doen to you as the individual to decide.

There seems to be a higher risk in the 3rd trimester which makes sense. Your immune system is a bit down to allow baby in there, your body is working really hard and baby puts pressure on the lungs. The usual way to have Covid patients in their beds is on their belly which is pretty much impossible in the third trimester. If there are no Covid cases in your area and you can isolate easily, a vaccination might not be necessary. If you are out and about and cases are rising (which comes with reopening) or are working in a job with people contact, considering the vaccination might be good. Talking to your GP or midwife might be good to assess your personal situation properly. I chose to have the vaccination asap and am now trying to get a second jab before birth, but I am still going into work and want baby to have antibodies too, so I don't have to keep baby away from people too much. Their immune system is pretty immature the first 2 months and I feel every antibody helps. Is a personal decision. If you don't get the jab, it would be good if your direct contacts do.

Completely understandable that you’re feeling more anxious especially now you’re protecting a little one too. The news really does fear munger though so I would completely avoid it for your own mental health. As everyone else has said, it’s personal preference but for me, the vaccine is still classed as experimental for 2 years and they have no idea what the long term health effects could be because it hasn’t been trialled for long enough so I won’t be taking it, particularly when pregnant (ive heard cases of sudden miscarriage after vaccination). The vaccine doesn’t stop you catching it or passing it on so I’d weigh up the pros and cons and keep practising precautions, you’ll know what feels right for you but don’t be driven into it through fear x

I was offered the vaccine at my 24wk midwife appt and have said no until after my boy is here, I work from home and although I’m worried don’t want to risk him when there hasn’t been enough testing... once he’s out jab me up but for the time being I’m staying indoors and being safe. Everyone is different, just have to do what feels right for you and your baby xo

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I feel the same as you... I work from home too so I think I would wait until baby is here and carry on taking precautions x

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For me personally I just think it’s safest to wait as it’s a new vaccine and there hasn’t been enough testing/ time to say how safe it is. I did worry that turning it down now meant I couldn’t get it after he arrived but midwife said that once he’s born and if my age group is being offered the vaccine then I can still get it so happy to keep safe and wrapped up at home and wait. Totally understand your concerns and worries! All the best xo

Hi, before taking any vaccine do your research. There has been a 738% increase in miscarriages since women have taken the jab. I am 13 weeks pregnant and not been offered it but if I was I am certainly not taking it. This thing has been around with us for more than a year and your body is amazing and does amazing things, trust your body if you’ve not had it yet why do you think you’ll get it just because your pregnant. Like I say do your own research and don’t listen to just the commercial news. Try and enjoy your pregnancy and take care x

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Tigr in reply to Nat_p

Where did you find this information? Everything I have seen showed no increase in mc risk after vaccination.

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Seb9 in reply to Nat_p

I think rather than telling people to do their research you should cite your sources as to where your 738% had come from and see if people think your source is reliable.

For example one study which I found where they looked at 35,691 pregnant woman who had the vaccine found no safety signals with respect to pregnancy or neonatal outcomes. There was no increased risk of miscarriage found outside the normal range.

The study can be found at

Another peer reviewed study shows that pregnant woman are more likely to be hospitalised because of Covid symptoms and babies are more likely to need neonatal care. They looked at 192 card and their research is ongoing.

So for me the benefits of the vaccine which so far has showed that there is no significant risk to pregnancy far outweigh the risk of getting Covid-19 which does a significant risk to both mother and child.

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Thanks for including your sources. There is a lot of false info out there.

I'm waiting to speak to my consultant tomorrow about the vaccine as I am overweight and have gestational diabetes so am considered high risk, I've already had my flu and whooping cough vaccine and I'm feeling more confident about getting the covid vaccine after looking at the numbers of pregnant people having it with no issues. After all the research in the US and that's coming out of places like Israel that's showing no increased risk of miscarriage or any health implications for the child. I'm very much hoping they recommend that I get it.

My bigger concern is getting covid during pregnancy and having either long covid symptoms, with a newborn and toddler or worse not being around for my children at all.

There's so much misinformation out there that is fear mongering about the vaccine, which isn't based on any firm evidence when you do some digging into it. It's so hard to make a decision you feel comfortable with, pregnancy is such a vulnerable time, we only want to do the best for these babies growing inside us and being thrown information that isn't from a trusted source just is so unhelpful.

Good luck with your decision, and hope you have a lovely and healthy pregnancy xxx

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thank you x yes i am fed up with all the fear mongering and fake news, I am trying my best to research real facts! wishing you a healthy pregnancy too :)

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My doctor has said I can go ahead and get it and I'm booked on for my first one next month. I thought I'd feel a bit nervous but I actual feel relieved, as I head towards my third trimester and with lockdown lifting a bit of protection feels like the right option for me.

I am taking precautions not to catch the virus, and not too anxious, but I definitely will get the vaccine when my time comes. The newest results show that antibodies are passed onto the baby and that itself is a good enough reason for me.Regarding the virus, apart from risk of hospitalisation, early birth etc. I have a friend who has long covid and they are unable to do simple tasks. They were perfectly healthy before that.

I also spent a long time researching prior to getting my jabs in jan and feb and found no increase miscarriage. (Sorry I don’t have the links any more it was a while ago!) I chose to get them as high risk worker and high rates, I’m relieved I did - more from society opening up now at 28 weeks than for work!!

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