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Conceiving after Mc

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I had naturally miscarriage 7 days ago at 6weeks n 5 days. My bleeding stopped 3 days ago. How long I should wait to conceive again. My nurse suggest to wait one cycle so I don't confuse positive test with remaining hormones of MC. Has anyone here have a positive experience of conceiving after MC?

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Positive story I’ve had 3 mmc at 12w then 2 chemical pregnancies but I’m nearly 35w pregnant naturally at 41. Usually mc is a 1 off & your next pregnancy will be fine especially if your young and healthy. Sorry for your loss hopefully your next pregnancy will be ok x

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Woww, it's such an encouraging msg, I was afraid of my age as I am 39 years old n had a first pregnancy naturally but mc so wanted to try for next early too. Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best with your pregnancy 🌼 stay blessed

I had a missed miscarriage with my first pregnancy and conceived after I had my first period, I already knew I'd had negative tests after my miscarriage so was confident it was a new pregnancy. I had a successful pregnancy, daughter is now 20 months old and I'm now 20 weeks pregnant again with baby number 2.

I know it's awful to go through so hopefully my positive story helps xx

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Thank you for your story, indeed it's helpful to know that I am not alone who's going through it and ya it's so awful and a great loss to go through. Wish you all the best with baby 💖 stay blessed 🌼

Positive story here..... I miscarried at 7 weeks, once my bleeding stopped we did start trying straight away again. I had a one day cycle and before I knew it was pregnant again, I’m currently 38 weeks and awaiting the arrival of our little bundle. The doctors do say your more fertile after a miscarriage so keep trying when you feel it’s right for you xx

Datz grt, I completely wanna try it but wanna get reassurance that there are women who start trying right away n thank you for sharing your experience. best wishes for your baby 🥳. Stay blessed 🌼

I miscarried my first baby and 2 weeks later i was pregnant again with a little girl and i am due in just over 5 weeks time. I never had a cycle inbetween.

Glad and encouraging to know, thank you for telling that sometimes there's no periods in between. All the best to you n wonderful wishes for your baby 🌼 stay blessed

I’ve had 3 miscarriages and have had a successful pregnancy after each miscarriage, I waited 3 weeks after each miscarriage and took a pregnancy test to check it was negative and then tried again and I fell pregnant either straight away or very soon after. I’m not sure if it’s medically proven but I seem much more fertile after a miscarriage. Also most miscarriages are random, one off events so I’m sure your next pregnancy will be successful xx

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I am sorry to hear about your losses and very happy for ur babies, thank you for your wishes and I will keep you guys updated. Best wishes for you 🌼 stay blessed

I had a MMC in July 2019, then fell pregnant and had another in January 2020 but it hadn't felt right from the start. I conceived again in May and had my baby this February. I'm 44!

Woww datz such a lovely reassurance. Thank u n stay blessed 🌼

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