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Gestational diabetes and autism

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Hi so today I’ve need diagnosed with GD and while I’m absolutely panicking on what I can and can’t eat because I’m not one for crackers, fruits that aren’t like strawberries, apples etc I also have seen that GD can cause high risks of autism in the baby? I’m not saying for a minute I wouldn’t love my child regardless of anything but I’m a young first time mum and I’m really panicking about this, has anyone had GD and their child been affected at all? Or can GD effect the baby in any types of way at all or is it mainly just us as mothers that get the brunt of it all? I know I probably sound awful right now but it’s just a worry I’d like to settle

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I’ve got GD aswel just found out on tues I’ve been monitoring my bloods for the last 3 days and eating what I can and my levels have been normal, I just had a zoom meeting too and they don’t seem that bothered they just want u to do the best u can trial and error. I also joined a fb group they have helpful tips on what u can eat. My friend had it with 2 pregnancies her kids are fine no problems.

How long did you wait for hear from your dietitian? See I don’t have Facebook which would definitely come in handy right now, that’s ok then. I have spoken to a few people today and they’ve all said the main thing is they probably won’t let you go over the due date and the baby will be possibly bigger than “normal” but all that is absolutely fine I was just so worried that I’d like done something wrong and obviously the initial shock and over googling stuff is never good is it really

I found out on tue and it was today we had the meeting with the gd midwife and dietitian was good & helpful pretty much what seb9 had told me, some info off fb and google too. The midwife did talk about birth & find out at 36w scan what the options are for birth depending on your baby’s size etc

Ah right so it’s at 36 weeks I’ll know for definite, this may be too much info but are you taking any maternity etc earlier for it? I’m due on the 23rd July and was going to take my leave on the 9th (with lockdown I’ve not worked for the whole pregnancy cause I work in a pub) but I’m cautious that may not be the best idea now

Well my maternity was going to start 1/6 but I was taking a week holiday the week before. So if I was to be induced at 38w I’d still want the week before so at 37w.

That’s true, I might just say I want to start it a week earlier then just so I can get last minute things sorted etc

I have a part time desk job so not physical or strenuous and my boss is pretty good flexible I’ve told him already I’ll probably have to bring my time off forward. I feel a little bit rushed now lol also I’m guessing I’ll be in hospital a bit longer I was hoping to be in and out being my 3rd baby but they monitor the baby so extra time I’ll need to pack more stuff lol I haven’t even thought about it.

There’s literally so much isn’t there because we genuinely don’t know what they are going to decide is best 😂 well I have my boss my matb1 form about 7 weeks ago and she still hasn’t sorted my maternity pay yet which is extremely stressful but fingers crossed you can have a bit of a break while your in there with being early and can be looked after more closely

I had gestational diabetes with my first child and I have it again with this pregnancy and I'm currently 20 weeks. Although some studies have shown it may increase the risk I've not seen anything that says gives a high risk of a baby with autism and nothing in the NHS literature that I've been given or any of my appointments with my diabetes consultant or nurse has raised this and I've seen them nearly fortnightly. I think if there was a high risk the same as having a large baby or baby with low blood sugar, it's something they would discuss with you and prepare you for. I would recommend when you speak to your consultant when you get your appointment and see what their opinion is.

My first baby is nearly two and is completely perfect. I have no worries about her at all developmentally. I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and controlled it with exercise and diet for most of my pregnancy and had Metformin for the final few weeks.

This pregnancy I was diagnosed at 8 weeks and have been controlling it with Metformin, slow acting insulin, diet and exercise. If you control your blood sugars well through your pregnancy, there's no reason you can't have a healthy pregnancy.

Diet wise is a bit of trial and error because everyone tolerates things differently. It's mostly about restricting your carbohydrates and not having a high amount of sugar, so no sweets, crisps, chocolates etc.

Apples are quite high in sugar, but strawberries are OK in moderation. You'll have to try them and test your blood and see how you tolerate them. I can't eat apples, bananas or any tropical fruit without spiking my levels so I only really have raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and I mix that with a full fat yoghurt as pairing the fruit with fat makes it easier to tolerate the fruit.

I've switched all my pasta and rice to whole grain and but I can only have a very small portion of it, so I have it with my evening meal with green vegetables, high protein and fat, so I might have spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce and cheese.

I eat a lot of green vegetables,eggs, cheese and meat.

Your diabetes nurse and consultant will go through what to eat as well and previous you with a booklet.

There's a gestational diabetes website with lots of recipes and advice, and I found the Joe Wick low carb recipes great and quick to make.

My main thing I can't eat is breakfast cereal, I can't even have a small amount of porridge, so I tend to have omlettes with vegetables and cheese for breakfast or a bacon, tomatos etc it takes a bit longer but I'm normally really full and my sugar levels are good, I also have ryvita crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon which I love and I can tolerate two crackers per meal.

Lunch I'll often have a salad, today I had mozzarella, tomatoes, salad and ham topped with balsamic vinegar, it was really nice and again sugar levels were good.

Exercise really helps too, if you're eating carbs with your meal going for a walk after your meal can really help bring your levels down.

Hopefully you'll find things that work for you, I've found my diabetes nurses so helpful, I can request a call back through my app and they'll phone me the same day to address any concerns I have, so definitely speak to them with any concerns because they are really helpful. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy xx

Oh this has helped absolutely massively as even today I’ve been totally clueless on what to eat and worried it’s going to cost a bomb on all the meats etc but I feel much more at ease! I’m waiting to hear from the dietitian I assume they will phone very soon and like you say hopefully I have more of an insight but I really appreciate your reply and thank you ❤️

I recommend doing a food diary fir first couple of weeks so you can se what causes surges. I can eat pretty much everything in moderation (I already ate wholemeal pasta etc). As someone said below the one thing I cant seem to tolerate is cereal (bran flakes/weetabix) but im fine with porridge with banana also fine with toast and banana its strange. I also eat apple as snack most days but have with baby bel apparently the fat counteracts sugars. Good luck

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With regards to dates I am 36 wks due to finish work in 2 wks but just found out they want to induce at 38wks now. I'm too busy in work to change date now but if I really needed to I would just use leave or call in sick which triggers mat leave anyway. You do not know how you will feel until you get closer you might be shattered anyway. I'm wfh.and baby breech so I'm uncomfortable all the time sitting down, it's not ideal

So with your food diary did you check your blood after every meal to sort of whittle it down? Also, that’s what I’m thinking yeah cause I don’t want to make myself uncomfortable or anything for the sake of a week/2 being at work if you get me?

Sorry just noticed this. Yes I was testing my bloods 2 hours after each meal so if my bloods were higher then I made a note to avoid the foods I had eaten or even try different combinations until I got to grips. Yes for as much as I was saying I want to work as late as I can so I can enjoy more time with baby it is hard going working through the tiredness while also being uncomfortable. Would have been nice to have some time off to prepare myself and just wind down before baby comes

GD if well managed, is very unlikely to pose any threat to you or the baby's health. You and the baby might be more at disk of developing diabetes (some info below), but again this risk can be reduced by following a proper diet/exercise.

Yes, there have been studies looking at whether there is any association with GD and baby's health conditions including autism, etc, but whatever association there is, nothing is really black and white and there isn't any established cause for this type of conditions. I have plenty of friends who had GD and went on to have very healthy children.

The most important thing is that you manage your GD the best you can, follow everything you are recommended in terms of diet and exercise to keep your sugar levels under control and be reassured that you are doing the best do to minimise any risks to you and the baby.

All the best with your pregnancy!

I think gestational diabetes is fairly common. It usually goes away after birth. Just eat the right foods , dont stress it should be fine. I havent heard of a link with autism and even if there was it would be v low chance so dont worry.

I suggest you check our Gestational Diabetes book via AIMS website and GD UK website for more information. Please try not to worry.

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