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10 weeks tomorrow

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Hi all, I was hoping someone could help. I am 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow following IVF.

It’s been a stressful time until now as been bleeding from week 5-now. Had 3 scans and all was ok at that point.

I am now worried as my boobs feel less tender and I am generally started to feel less tired and more ‘normal’ in myself. I know an improvement is expected from 12 weeks but is 10 weeks too early to start feeling better? Worried something is wrong.

Thanks xx

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Hi!my symptoms started getting better at 10 weeks. My boobs less sore almost no soreness, much less tired, less nauseous, everything. Had my 12 weeks scan last week and everything is ok so far.

I also know someone who bled heavily and everything was still ok. Everyone is different... try not to worry!... though I know it is so hard not to xxx

Thank you, that’s good to hear and the reassurance I was hoping for. I thought things wouldn’t go away until 12 weeks so hopefully I am just lucky on the symptom front 🤞

Hi! I had improving symptoms from 8 weeks and was really worried. I’m now 18 weeks and everything is continuing as it should so far. I’ve still been anxious which I think is normal from coming from infertility but the fact that you’ve had 3 scans recently should hopefully keep you less anxious and not long til your nhs scan now!xx

Thank you, that’s really good to know! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xx

Thanks! And you! 🤗 xx

Hi Strawberries, my symptoms started to drastically ‘improve’ around 9.5 / 10 weeks.. and by the end of the 10th week had no nausea at all. I was worried too and rang my midwife who said it was very common. I’m now 16 weeks and have scans every week under consultant care - baby is absolutely fine. Xx

Thanks for your reply, it’s great to hear that it can be normal and everything ok. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy 💕

Thank you and you too ❤️

Hi! Pregnant with IVF too! I also started feeling way better by week 10, and I was also freaking out! 27 weeks now and everything still fine! I’m trying now to enjoy the pregnancy, it’s really hard for us to relax after going through all the stress of IVF, but it’s just a wonderful time! All the best for you and your little one!

Thanks. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy ❤️

I wouldn't say it's unusual I've been through misscarrige and a live birth and had the same symptoms you just never know if something is going to happen it will .have faith they would have picked it up by now

Thank you


I went through the same journey like you. Im 40, had IVF, had bleeding 3 times before 6 weeks, had 3 ultrasounds and all was good. Im 10 weeks 2 days now and my symptoms are are much less now. No tiredness, less nausea, no bleeding. Im sure you and your baby is healthy. It is absolutely nerve wrecking when you go through IVF and then have bleeding so you are always in panic mode. But as everyone says, we need to be calm as its effects the baby too. Just be strong and you will have a healthy baby in your arms soon.

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