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Gestational diabetes

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So I’m 34w had a 2nd GTT yesterday came back 10.1 so I’ve got gestational diabetes now 🙄 anyone else have or had it?

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I had it with my first from 28 weeks and this time I got tested at my booking in appointment and already had it at 8 weeks, so no cake for me for pretty much my entire pregnancy 😭First time round I controlled it mostly just with diet and exercise, but I had a bit of Metformin towards the end.

This time round I'm on the maximum Metformin a day and nightly insulin, because I'm still only 19 weeks, so a long way to go yet. My consultant thinks I'll probably need insulin in the day soon when I get to about 24 weeks. I've lost a stone though so that's been good, because I've had to eat so healthily. I weigh less now than I did when I first got pregnant.

Thank you for your reply luckily I’ve only got 4w to do this for and it’s diet controlled for now hopefully I can do it I’m just abit confused what I can and can’t eat.

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So you basically eat a low carb diet, I found that the Joe Wicks books had some good low carb recipes and I had to cut out biscuits, chocolate, white bread and sweets.I find that for breakfast I can eat things like a 3 egg omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese or full English breakfast, but I can't eat any breakfast cereal. I can't even have a small portion of porridge. This morning for breakfast I've had 2 ryevita crackers topped with full fat Cream cheese and smoked salmon and with my Metformin I can tolerate that quite well. I sometimes also have full fat greek yoghurt with a small amount of berries and seeds, like pumpkin seeds, sunflower and chia seeds and I find that's ok. I can't have any sugary fruits, likes banana, pineapple, melon as that spikes my sugar.

I can have a small piece of brown toast with butter and scrambled eggs but not in its own.

For lunch I might have crackers and cheese, or a salad, I like tomatoes and mozzerella with bacon or chicken and avocado with lettuce, tomatoes etc.

For dinner I've cooked some of the Joe Wicks recipe, we might have meat or fish with lots of green vegetables. I can have a very small portion of brown rice, brown pasta or a small roast potatoe, but I have to have it with something fatty like butter, cheese and fatty meat. It's very odd as I was always trying to do a low fat diet as it being healthier, but now it's all about eating lots of fat, protein and minimal carbs.

A lot of it is trial and error, you might find you can eat somethings I can't and not tolerate things I can, good luck and I hope some of my ideas help xx

Aww that’s a great help I’ve just tested pre breakfast was 5.4 after 1 hr 6.9 I had 2 slices of whole meal toast avocado wafer ham 2 poached eggs.

Lunch I’ve got chicken salad cottage cheese egg.

Going to be egg overload lol

Is it ok to snack between meals not sure what if chocolate crisps & fruit are out lol

I haven’t spoke properly to the GD midwife as was a just a quick call to pick up the kit yesterday I’ve tried ringing today no answer hopefully she’ll ring back and explain more.

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Chocolate bars and crisps for snacks are out, for regular daily snacks. I recently made the bounty bars from the gestational diabetes website and they were really nice. I have one of those for my chocolate fix, I made them with 85% dark chocolate and their recommended sweetener.My consultant is very anti snacking, but I'm a pregnant woman and can't not snack 🙈.

For low carb snacks I like mixed nuts, olives, a small portion of popcorn or some salt and vinegar rice cakes, with butter on. I do like apple with peanut butter on, but you have to set how you tolerate that, I couldn't without the Metformin but seem to be OK with the medication.

Also boiled eggs and celery sticks with houmous, or mayonnaise.

It's definitely an eggs, meat and cheese diet!

Got you, I’m a snacker too so u can have olives hmm good! What about them cheese stuffed peppers? Lol I bought hummus yesterday guessed that be ok. Thanks for your help x

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Seb9 in reply to gcw104

Cheese stuffed peppers should be fine, they're quite fatty and I don't think they add any sugar to them, but it's probably worth checking in case the dressing they're in has any sugar in them.

I’ve got to have the test for this on Friday as on my last growth scan baby’s abdomen was measuring big compared to all the other measurements. Currently 34 weeks too so not long to go, I’m just having a blood test, I thought it would be the gtt. Will let you know if it comes back positive for diabetes and what they say x

Hi Gcw104,

Yes, im in the same boat. I've been there. I really struggled in the first few weeks. I was frustrated and struggled. It was depressing looking at the numbers. However, I've learnt to reduce my meal sizes, turn to wholewheat carbs, reduce portion size of carbs and increase protein and veg. Eat more low GI foods and have learnt high fat foods release energy slowly too. Still with all this, everyday im learning something new but its getting easier. Please don't feel overwhelmed or restricted just start a food diary and work out what works for you. We're all different, our body has a mind of its own. Like Seb9 I've lost weight but am eating more healthily and feel more healthy the more I walk. I am on metaformin to help and its helped me increase my food portions but may have to go insulin if morning sugars cannot be controlled. Unfortunately for me, stress and sleep deprivation directly effect blood sugars. Dont be disheartened, your not alone.

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Thank you, yeah I started yesterday felt abit clueless but seb9 made great suggestions and I’ve joined a fb group it’s quite helpful too. All my levels yesterday were absolutely fine under the ranges and today up to now are good. So I’m less stressed about it I think I’ll be fine just trial and error and hopefully only it’s for the next few weeks. X

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