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Induction, I’ve been offered an induction at 40 plus 6 days but unsure whether to take it. It’s an ivf baby but hospital now said there is no increased risk due to this. Has anyone been in same position?

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My son is also an IVF baby and I was induced on my due date. It seems that some hospitals recommend induction and others say there is no additional risk. I think it’s a personal decision. My doctor recommended induction and it was standard practice for IVF pregnancies where I have birth. I was quite anxious having gone through IVF and I had polyhydramnios and an episode of reduced movement towards the end of my pregnancy and so I chose to go with the doctor’s recommendation. I would have preferred not to have had an induction but thought it was the best choice for me at the time. Happy to answer any questions about the induction if you have any. Wishing you all the best

I was induced at 40+1week. They tried induction for about a week then went for a c section. Before being induced I was offered sweeps and they checked the babies heartbeat several times to ensure he was OK. It really is up to you. Apparently in France full term is 41 weeks so don't worry too much. However I wouldn't go far beyond that before you start induction x

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I was induced for 3 days which did not work, including a sweep. I had to have an emergency CS yesterday. Baby was monitored all the time and was safe.

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Congratulations on your baby! I’ve decided to wait it out, booked in for next Saturday if no movement x

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Thanks for the reply ! How is Angus? I’ve decided to hold off and hope baby arrives before next Saturday induction x

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Good for you. Do what you feel right with.Angus is great thank you. I can't quite believe he will be 2 in July! Xx

Good luck and keep us posted. I am so delighted for you xxx

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Thank you! It’s crazy isn’t it , they are so cute at this age , Hattie is a little chatter box and is always dancing!

I had an ivf baby too 😊 one thing I found is the due date is spot on once science is involved... so you may not get that far!

I didn’t want any sweeps or inductions as I wasn’t uncomfortable and there was no medical need. I did Hypnobirthing which helped massively xx

I was offered membrane sweeping at 40 weeks but refused. And had my induction booked in for 41+5 days afternoon and the night before labour started so didn't need it eventually. Although ended up with c section due to baby being in breach.

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