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Gripe Water - Does it work?

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Hiya, first time, exclusively breastfeeding, Mum of an almost 6wk old little girl here.

So far baba has been very calm and chilled but the last few days she’s been having some hellish screaming fits for apparently no reason, hard to console/feed/put down etc. think it’s Colic (?). Although I know there’s no magic fix, just wondering if I could ease it with Gripe Water perhaps. Has anyone had any positive experiences with any of the brands on the market?

Been recommended Infacol but seen it has E numbers as ingredients so a little reluctant to give little one. Colief is another option, better ingredients anyways - but does anything actually work?

Thanks for any help in advance :)

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Colief was a god send for my little boy worked wonders !! It’s £15 from pharmacy for a tiny bottle but if you phone your doctor you can get it on repeat prescription , always worth a try I tried everything that was only thing that worked xx

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Thank you! Did you breast or bottle feed? Just trying to work out how to give it to her if I’m only breastfeeding, can you put the drops straight into their mouth?

I tried gripe water and infacol but found gripe water worked better for us. My son was breastfed so I used the syringe you get with calpol to give it to him x

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Do you remember what make you used perhaps? Thanks 😊

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It was this one. Hope it works for you too x

We used the woodwards one too. Made a big difference for our two girls whereas infacol didn't do anything.

Joint breastfeeding yummy mummy’s on fb, we tried them all and baths and bicycle legs, different holds, singing to her to try and calm her down and none really seemed to work, she would just all of a sudden stop screaming

Just to add they go through a massive growth spurt and development at 6 weeks so you may find it’s that and she settles down after that. The wonder weeks app tracks their leaps and lets you know when they are likely to be fussier.

I tried gripe water and Infacol but gripe water seemed much better for us. You can’t use gripe water until 6/8 weeks I don’t think? Just double check with your docs but it’s a god send for us as my LB had a lot of bother with reflux etc x

Gripe water is working well for us - it’s mild and the baby likes the taste! I’m just using the Boots own brand version, and it seems fine. I have some 2.5 ml syringes left over from expressing and I’ve been using those and sterilising with boiling water in between uses. Good luck!

Thank you all, I’m using the Wonder Weeks App now and it does seem that maybe it’s just a Developmental Leap as she’s 6wks. But I’ve bought some Woodward’s Gripe Water too, maybe it will help x

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