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To much fluid around the baby

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Hi I am currently waiting on another scan fluid around baby on my last scan was 10.4 cm they've ran some test due to my bump being big turn out to much fluid all test come back fine did anyone else suffer this what will happen am scared never had this before with to much fluid my bumps on the top line on the growth chart course of to much fluid.

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Hello, yes I had too much fluid around my baby. I had a glucose test for diabetes which came back fine so they couldn’t find a reason for the excess fluid. Apparently in many cases there is no explanation. I can’t remember what my fluid measurement was but I was diagnosed with this quite late in my pregnancy. I had extra growth scans and the doctor talked me through what to do if my waters broke at home. They were considering inducing me a few days early but my fluid levels went back to normal on their own in the final week of my pregnancy. Everything was absolutely fine with the birth and with my baby. I know it’s hard not to worry but hopefully the extra scans and review with the doctor will reassure you and they will be able to answer any questions you have.

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It mad how thing change all the time this is my 6th baby and I've never had this before it crazy bumps messuring the biggest I've ever been I just feel like my waters will just go soon I am 32 weeks tmorrow xxx

Hi, I had the same thing happen to me at around 37 weeks and I was induced at 38 weeks because of it. It was unnecessary though as the baby turned out to be smaller than they thought. I was just told that there could be excess fluid because the baby was measuring big. He is almost three months old now and I still don't know what caused the excess fluid. Good luck and try not to worry too much. It seems to be more common than you'd think.

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At 36 weeks I had a scan for low placenta (I think) that's where thay noticed I had a lots of fluid and baby was measured and he was 7lb 5oz. Next day I did a test for diabetes and they came back fine so they made appointment for another scan. Because it was Christmas time my scan was at 39 weeks and my baby was roughly 10lb 13oz. (I double asked her if she is wright.)Thay told me I need C-section at exactly 40 weeks but my son had other plans. I think he wanted to try to come naturally cos my waters broke night before my C-section and they were gushing for next 12 hours and even surgeons still suck some out cos there was still loads of it. My baby was born 10lb 9oz. Turns out I lost 20lb just by delivering a baby. :)

Hi, I had excess fluid and my bump measured a week ahead each time. I was told it was due to baby being bigger. She was born at 40+1 and weighed 8lb 6oz so not huge. They never seemed worried I had extra growth scans but was never told fluid was a problem. Good luck

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