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Help with weight loss


Hi ladies. I am really struggling with motivation with trying to loss. After my c section latest April and lockdown lard added I am really struggling. Has anyone got and advise on getting motivated and the best way to loss the lard!!

MNy thank s

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I’ve just started couch to 5k - have a look at the programme on the ‘nhs fitness studio ‘ website.

I’m doing one run with running buggy, and two early morning runs to fit them in. It’s helping me and giving me a bit of time fir me and something different to do. My motivation has been that my clothes don’t really fit right anymore! Xx

I can’t run unfortunately so that is a major problem for me. I could try it on the cross trainer?? Xx

I lost 3 stone before this pregnancy with slimfast and calorie control I exercised like a beast at the gym 4-6 times a week. I’m looking forward to re starting after this baby hopefully I have motivation time and not be too tired lol I say this whilst scoffing an Indians 🤣🤣

I plan on the same diet hopefully it works again.

I joined Slimming World after I had my little girl, just before the first lock down. I found it motivational going to the group meetings and having someone to help you. There's also a Facebook group that you get added to and people are really lovely and supportive on there and there's lots of menu and recipe ideas. There's a weekly zoom meeting at the moment but real life groups are starting up again soon. It's very simple to follow plan with not much counting of calories or restrictions on foods you can and can't eat. You can also get awards for fitness goals that you can build up to. You count 15 minute blocks of any exercise towards your goal of incorporating exercise into your life. So it could be walking, going to the gym, an afternoon gardening anything really that suits your level and gets you active. I lost nearly half a stone before lock down but lost the plot during lock down and put it back on. I've since joined it again and I'm 2lb of my first stone, but I'm pregnant again now so I'm happy just to maintain my weight at the moment.

Hope you find something that works for you, best of luck x

Emmaxxx in reply to Seb9

Oh wow really. What is the Facebook group called please? Xx

Seb9 in reply to Emmaxxx

The Facebook group you get invited to join once you've joined the slimming World group, each group has their own Facebook for their own area.

I've had a c section and feel ready to excercise again, pre pregnancy I was a gym goer, running & weight training now I've lost my strength I miss it so much. I looked at some photos of me on honeymoon and thought I'd like that figure back or close enough as my motivation. Now I use this app called 'Fit on you' you can do these 10 - 20 min work outs around your baby whilst they play on the floor ie with no equipment and I also make sure I go for a 20 - 30 minute walk 4 - 5 days aweek . The app 'myfitness pal' is also good it tracks your exercise , calories and food you've eaten and because you log it you can see what you're doing and it actually becomes a little addictive and motivating , thinking ill walk that extra bit or do that extra bit around the house as it burns calories so I can log it .. Good luck just find something which works for you and achievable, you'll be addicted to how you feel after and want to do more and more 😊

I’d recommend the FitOn app - it has loads of free work outs of different abilities/timings as well as yoga and Pilates. I used it a lot pre-pregnancy and planning on using it again when I’m ok to exercise. I also did the couch to 5k pre-pregnancy and enjoyed doing it as it gradually builds up the running. I found the BBC version of the app better than other versions.

Don't be hard on yourself I'm 7 weeks post partum and find up and doing cleaning enough on my scar and managing the baby I can't run or bend much despite c sec but lost loads before baby just clean eating and I mean clean and cut out caffeine

Emmaxxx in reply to Afrohair

Congratulations!!! Can you explain more about clean eating please as I am not 100% sure what it is xx

Afrohair in reply to Emmaxxx

Clean eating just means - cutting out any unhealthy food I Just ate fruit veg no meat unless organic no caffeine gluten free diary free

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