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Anyone have real bad anxiety about something going wrong with there children... please help 😞


Hi I worry about my children every day i think the worst like what if they get seriously ill's just so horrible 😞 it happens every evening when they are in bed.. but very rarely the bad thoughts will occur in the day... anyone out there been in my position and did you seek help what worked for you to stop these negative thoughts.

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I'm sorry to hear this. My sister went through the same, actually still suffers from anxiety but it's more manageable now. You should talk to your GP about it and ask about CBT. It's a method that will help you manage the feelings so they are less disruptive. It's worth doing soon to get on the waiting list. Something similar and accessible without a wait list is mindfulness. It takes time to master but I can highly recommend it. Basically its meditation techniques to help own your thoughts, prevent them from causing the physical anxiety symptoms. Your mind is like a muscle that needs exercise to control the paths it takes. It will also help you create an evening routine to settle your mind. It helped with the anxiety I suffered about 4 years ago. It will get better x

Shaze12 in reply to SJ37

Thanks so much for your advice I will definitely look in to it... I just hate feeling like this 😭

Every minute of every day since my baby was born. I’ve even turned very superstitious since so I use the same brand of shampoos and shower gel and set an alarm at 1am to check on him because I’m worried if I don’t something will happen. I know it’s completely irrational but it’s in my head!!

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I totally know what you mean! 😖

I’m exactly the same 😩😩 I constantly worry .... scared that his gona get ill, I always check up through the night... sometimes even move him .... I don’t sleep well .... I feel the same let’s that it passes 😩 my son is 6 months now I was worse when he was born but I’m still bad xx

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It is horrible.. I wish I can shake it off 😞

Wendi38 in reply to Shaze12

Me too😩😩 I’ve had cbt therapy before but that didn’t help me, but u should try it it helps a lot of ppl ..... I don’t know how it works cause of all this pandemic atm ... but just know ur not alone and if u ever want to talk, just inbox me xx

I could have written your post! This is exactly how I felt when my youngest was a few months old. Worry is part of motherhood but I knew after I had my second baby that my thoughts were more severe than that. I seeked help from my GP who put me in touch with a local organisation who run CBT courses. I found it really helped. I still have periods of anxiety and I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder so things like having a baby trigger episodes that make it difficult to cope. But since doing CBT I can manage my anxiety much better. Good luck!

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For me I keep thinking like my kids are gonna get leukemia... Even though they are healthy... 😭😭

GemX81 in reply to Shaze12

I can completely understand those thoughts. I would get so paranoid and it was like there was 2 of me in the same head! On one hand I would be convinced something awful was going to happen to them. But the other side of me knew I was being completely irrational. I was once driving to the beach for a day out and we got stuck in traffic. Found out it was due to accident that had happened about 10/15 minutes earlier. I was convinced that we were going to have an accident or what if we were 15 minutes earlier. I got myself so worked up I had to pull over as I was having an anxiety attack. When I went to see my GP they were really understanding and the CBT really did help. They offered me meds as well which I declined but actually I think I should have taken them. I still struggle with anxiety but not to the same degree. With the right help you can get on top of your feelings and learn how to control those intrusive, paranoid thoughts.

I can relate to this. I have been dealing with terrible health anxiety for the last 8 months which got so bad I had to take some time off work. It started the day my daughter was born, she’s now 2.5, after years of fertility issues and pregnancy loss but I never told anyone about it. I always worry something is going to separate us. It got really bad after I had a miscarriage last year. I know how horrendous it is spending every waking minute in a state of fear. Unless you’ve been through it, no one gets it. The constant worry, catastrophic thoughts, adrenaline rushes, etc - well that’s what it’s like for me anyway. I have been having counselling every week and I find that is the thing that helps me the most. I also downloaded a good audiobook called Breathe which I find helpful too. Do you have someone you can really trust who you can talk to about how you’re feeling? I’m not very good at writing things down but I did get a great journal called The Bees Knees which I found really helped me try and change my negative thought pattern. I really hope you find something that works for you. Xx

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