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Bleeding at 12 weeks, any reassurance?!


Exactly 12 weeks today, and after all being fine to this point, pretty shocked see a small amount of blood in my pants and more than a tiny bit of pinkish/red blood when I wiped (no clots).

Tried to phone EPU but just goes to answerphone /requires GP referral (it’s Saturday afternoon).

It’s my 12 week scan first thing Monday morning, so guess I just need to wait until then (I was already nervous, now this...), but if anyone has any reassurance, having had similar bleeding at a similar time, it would be great to hear.


Ps: Had a private scan 9wk1d and all was fine.

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Just keep an eye on the bleeding spotting is ok unless it goes bright red heavy flow and clots I had bleeding this pregnancy I’m now 26 weeks nearly I got checked after a few episodes and it was cervical erosion I know it’s worrying but think positive hun the fact you don’t have pain etc is a good sign xx

Cmc2020 in reply to Cmc2020

Ps they will probs tell you to wait till Monday anyway if it’s only a little spotting x

BristolLady in reply to Cmc2020

Thanks for the quick reply and reassurance! I’m trying not to overly worry. Have miscarried before so I know it’s not full on like that, and no pain. Just hope it passes rather than gets worse 🤞I did go for a fairly long walk just before so wonder if the movement triggered anything. At least the scans already in for Monday.

Glad to hear you’re at 26 weeks despite episodes of bleeding!

Cmc2020 in reply to BristolLady

Yeah maybe it’s just the long walk you had I have had miscarriages too it’s so worrying seeing blood anytime I thought the worst too maybe you have cervical erosion too you never know but I’m sure you will be fine just rest as much as you can till Monday 😌 xx

BristolLady in reply to Cmc2020

Thanks, maybe it’s the cervix up to no good (never got to this stage before). A chilled day tomorrow and will update on Monday x

I had spotting of brown blood at 11 weeks a midwife I spoke to said it could be my placenta implanting and booked me in for a scan at the early pregnancy unit, they checked me over and everything was fine.Is always a worry when you have some spotting but it isn't always bad news, hope everything is OK x

BristolLady in reply to Seb9

Thanks Seb, that’s reassuring to hear. I’m hoping there’s a perfectly reasonably explanation for it!

Hello, I also had bleeding at 13 weeks. It was actually a bit more than spotting, when I wiped it came out fully red and I also had cramps the day before. The bleeding didn’t persist. I was really scared and rushed to the hospital, but luckily everything turned to be ok with the baby. I had been moving quite a lot during that week and the doctor told me that it could also be a urinary infection. I was recommended plenty of rest and drinking 2L of water. This never happened again, now 26 weeks! If your spotting went away I would feel a bit more reassured! In any case your scan will reassure you 🤞🏻

BristolLady in reply to Ratinski

Thank you for sharing your story and that it was an isolated incident for you (and things have gone on to be ok). Shows there are many possible reasons. This morning so far only a little bit of dark residue spotting, and will be taking it easy at home today x

Hey Bristol Lady, I just wanted to say that if you are concerned today and don’t want to wait until tomorrow then Bath RUH has an EPU and you do not require a Gp referral - you just ring them up and they’ll give you an appointment. Hope all is well x

BristolLady in reply to MiniS5

Thanks for the tip, good to know. Only a little bit of brown residue spotting this morning, so think should be ok to just stick with tomorrow’s scan x

MiniS5 in reply to BristolLady

Brown is good!! Best of luck for the scan tomorrow xx

I bled on and off up to 13 weeks and everything was fine!

BristolLady in reply to Msze

Very glad to hear it was all fine for you. Really my only incident of bleeding with this pregnancy, and I’d rather it stayed that way!

Msze in reply to BristolLady

I get it. I was scared every single time!!❤️ Good luck at your scan. I’m sure it’s all good for you as well.

Hey there, with my last pregnancy I had bleeding on and off throughout every few weeks. and they could never find the source of it. Sometimes it just happens for no reason at all. My bubba is now 13 months old and doing well. I'm not going to tell you not to worry because it's inbuilt in us to worry. But I will say try and relax, don't do anything strenuous, drink plenty, try having some Cranberry juice to flush out your kidneys and bladder in case it's a UTI. Rest plenty and God willing everything will be okay.

Thank you - it’s a big shock when it happens but I’ve been really reassured by this forum. Thanks for the cranberry juice tip. thankfully by this time tomorrow I’ll know how it’s all looking x

Ps: glad to hear you went on to have a healthy child! :-)

When I was pregnant with my second little boy I had bleeding at 13 weeks. I'd had 3 miscarriages so was absolutely petrified when I noticed it. I had just had my 12 week scan a few days before where all had been ok. I remember I was completely convinced I had lost him. The bleeding lasted a week but all was ok. Never found out the reason for the bleeding but he's now a crazy nearly 2 year old. Good luck for your scan tomorrow!

BristolLady in reply to GemX81

Thanks for sharing your story Gem, how scary that must have been... but so pleased to hear your outcome. Really hoping all will be well tomorrow🤞Thankfully I’ve not been bleeding again today.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and reassurance over the weekend. Pleased to say the 12 wk scan went well today, with no obvious reason for the bleed identified. Midwife said to call if it happens again.

Relieved to say the least! Xx

MiniS5 in reply to BristolLady

So pleased for you ❤️

Seb9 in reply to BristolLady

That's great, so happy for you xx

Wow what a great relief that must be! Congratulations 😊 x

That's great news, I'm so pleased for you. 💚

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