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What did you do different after miscarriage?

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I was just wondering what advice you guys could give me if you can... so I’ve had 4 miscarriages, two when I was younger and years apart and then had a healthy little boy who is now 3 years old but last year I had another one when I was 10 weeks pregnant and then again the beginning of this year too at 7 weeks. My doctor has referred me too a gynaecologist team and said I would hear from them in a couple weeks it’s now been 4 weeks and still haven’t heard anything, I did speak to my doctor and said after two weeks and she said it could take 4 weeks... I do understand with the current circumstances going on the covid that it could take longer. But how long did any of you guys wait? Myself and my partner do want to try again soon so was wondering what did you guys did different and ended up having a baby? I know it’s not guaranteed but advice would be nice. Thank you x

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So sorry to hear about your losses. I hope you're doing ok.

My situation was a bit different as I had three early losses in a row within 6 months. Our local EPU wouldn't refer us as they hadn't scanned me to verify the pregnancies and therefore told me they didn't count towards the three I needed to have for a referral.

Long story short we decided to go private (covid cancelled our wedding so we used that money) and found a local clinic. Ironically the consultant we saw is probably who we'd have been referred to on the NHS! One blood test later they found out I've got APS, a blood clotting problem which put me at 70% risk of miscarriage. I'd had no idea that was even a possibility.

I was prescribed blood thinners and progesterone for the next time I got pregnant. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and all seems to be going well :) I've transferred back to NHS care as we definitely couldn't afford to stay private!

My advice is if you can find the money don't wait. I think our appointment plus the blood test cost us about £400-500 (we're in Hertfordshire). It personally helped me feel like I was taking back control of my body after being fobbed off with 'these things just happen'.

I hope you get answers very soon and wish you loads of luck next time xx

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LB1234 in reply to Emma1910

Hi, do you mind me asking- was the clinic you found just a private gynae or did they specialise in miscarriage?

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We went to a private hospital that had gynae specialists. I read through all the consultant profiles on their website and picked the one who specialised in early pregnancy loss x

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Thank you - congratulations on your pregnancy, hope you are at a point where you are able to relax a little x

I did reply too your message but on another section!

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Hi there

I'm really sorry for your losses. I had 2 MCs, one in the summer at 12 weeks and the other at the start of this year at 8, I've also got a child who is nearly 3 and had no issues with conception or pregnancy then.

I arranged basic blood tests through my GP for reassurance - hormone levels, thyroid, etc - apparently the gynae would get this kind of thing done as a first step. You could also try the Tommy's research centres to see if you could get in any sooner there - I think the GP needs to refer you but could be worth a shot of going privately isn't an option.

The book It Starts with an Egg is meant to be good and have tips about how to be as healthy as you can be, etc although I've not read it (and obviously doesn't guarantee anything but might give a bit of reassurance?)

I read Miscarriage: What Every Woman Needs To Know - although I'm not sure whether that helped me or not!

Hi Our stories sound very similar!

The gynaecologist team are supposed to do the blood tests and scans to make sure all is well, my doctor told me she isn’t specialised in that field, I just want to have an appointment at least I feel like I’m just hanging here waiting! 😞

Has your doctor referred you to a gynaecologist team?

Thanks for your advice x

It's difficult isn't it? That's a shame the doc won't do any tests in the meantime - to be honest I think mine was just humouring me as she did warn me they were unlikely to show anything but it did make me feel a little better to have had something done.

No referral as I've had 2 losses and they don't refer until 3 or if one is over 13w. It's a little petrifying thinking about trying again but I've kind of come to terms with it now. I've since found lots of ladies (including my GP) who have had 2 or more losses and have gone on to have successful pregnancies without any intervention - much like the lady who has posted below. I've just been focusing on eating properly and exercising and trying to keep stressing to a minimum (easier said than done!)x

Yeah it would be nice if the doctor could do it in the meantime... yes it is scary thinking about trying again I totally get it but can only hope and wish for the best, wishing you all the best x

Hi I had 3 mmc at 12w and 2 chemicals and currently 30w pregnant I had tests for both reoccurring mc and fertility nothing was found except most likely age related as I was 37-39 at the time of mc/tests I’ve low amh but I did nothing different with this pregnancy. Prev I had taken loads of supplements to help with egg quality dhea ubiquinol pqq, I ate super rich fertility food didn’t really help. Only thing I did do between 39-40 was lose 42lb increased exercise I stopped tracking bbt opk and supplements.

Hi sorry to hear about your losses. But congratulations on your pregnancy right now! 30 weeks! Not long now! All the best! Thanks for your message

Thank you I know I still can’t believe we’re going to having a baby soon after everything we went through I had literally given up & made peace with myself not being able to have another baby.

Hi Oh wow I’m sorry to hear about your losses too! And to be told the pregnancies didn’t count because you didn’t have a scan! I think that’s awful for them to say!

I was going to wait until Friday and contact my doctor again! See if she can chase it up, she did say she put it as urgent for me but to be honest I don’t think I will hear anything soon. My partner was talking about going private because we really don’t want this to happen again!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 15 weeks pregnant is amazing wishing you all the best! And thank you for your advice I will deffo take it on board xx

Good luck with whatever you choose, keeping everything crossed for you xx

Thank you appreciate it xx


I had lots of early miscarriage before having my son in 2019 and like you I also wondered why and if there was anything I could do. I did do a lot of research and not sure if it helped but I did fall pregnant really quick which was a success! I took vitamin e and raspberry leaf. I think rasberry leaf was up until ovulation and vitamin e throughout your cycle. If you google this you should find the doses and check which was round they are as not 100%. I also took a pregnancy test really early on day9 and took baby aspirin. I cut out all caffeine and I tried acuouncture. Fingers crossed for you, I didn't wait any period of time before trying after the miscarriage but it was a rollercoaster of emotions x

Hi Thanks for your message, sorry you went through all those losses but good to hear you had your rainbow baby. The thing is getting pregnant is fine I always get pregnant straight away and get excited but the last 2 times we’re just the worse! I do everything by the book and end up with a loss. Oh I thought women only use raspberry leaf tea to get into labour lol I’ll have to try that out and baby aspirin, thank you for your advice x

Yes I was getting pregnant every other month 😭 so I think (sorry my memory is awful at the minute) that's what the raspberry leaf and vitamin e do, I think they build up the lining and the aspirin I read on numerous forums women have used but only after a positive faint test as it can affect implanting. Fingers crossed for you, it's such a hard time! I got pregnant straight after my rainbow baby and stopped breastfeeding as I read it was better for a healthy pregnancy and I couldn't cope emotionally with another miscarriage thankfully I didn't need to take anything that time x

Don’t worry hun I still get baby brain now and my son is 3 haha Oh ok so are you pregnant now or have you had your baby? I will deffo read up on taking them thanks x

I had a baby boy in June 2019 and a girl in December 2020. We were waiting for a fertility appointment when I caught in 2019 x I also have a 10year old so like you I knew I could have children but suffered a miscarriage before his birth as well x

Oh right so 3 beautiful children, there is hope! Sorry for all the questions but you said you had a fertility appointment before falling pregnant, did you still go to that appointment or did they just keep an eye on you? X

Or that's okay. No, I never went to the appointment as they said I didn't need to be seen. I was under consultant as I have Crohn's disease although no issues for 15years and my 10year old was really small. Although I did pay for lots of private scans as I was petrified the whole way through being pregnant and they scanned me quite a lot to keep an eye on both children x

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