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Eczema in 5 month old. Please recommend what baby soap to use.


I been washing my baby with Mustella baby soap followed by hot coconut oil ever since my baby was 3 or 4 weeks told. Now he has red skin which has a slightly rough consistency (like sandpaper). This is mainly on his upper arms and thighs. Can anyone recommend a new bath soap which is gentle enough for daily use please.

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Child’s farm is my go to xx

Another vote for child’s farm. The unscented one for babies is brilliant. My son has eczema and it’s much better than the oillatum that we were using.

My grandaughter has same problem, we find goats milk soap good to wash them in, it doesnt dry the skin out.

I also use child's farm since my boy had eczema and it really helped. I also washed him 1-2 weeks without any product to give his skin a break x

Aqueous cream is good as a soap (it’s actually what it’s made for) I have eczema and it really helped when I was a child.

Childs farm or oilatum bath additive. Not bathing everyday can also help.

Yup, childs farm products are great. My little ones are half white, half black caribbean. Both my other half and I have dry skin, eczema and psoriasis and black skin in general is dry. We use childs farm to wash our 3yr old, 16 month old and newborn and Baby Aveeno moisturiser on the older two, vaseline on the newborn. We have to use hydrocortisone steroid cream for flare ups and on trouble areas but the Baby Aveeno cream really helps to keep it under control and minimise the use of the steroid cream.

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't know so much of what is out there is good for eczema prone skin. I'm starting with Child's Farm as it has so many votes. Used Aveena baby moisturiser and thats already made a difference. With any luck I can stay away from medicated creams. Thanks so much everyone.

I recommend Aqueous cream. My LB reacted to JJ products and we didn’t know this until we stopped using them completely. We changed to Aveeno which didn’t help much. We eventually stopped using all products and just did water baths and Vaseline for a week. The skin cleared up and eczema patches disappeared. Now we just wash with aqueous cream and apply Vaseline afterwards.

There’s also Aveeno Dermexa moisturing wash which is specially formulated for baby’s prone to eczema. I use it to bath my little girl...x

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