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Toddlers speech

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Hi ladies, ok curious to know how well your newly 2 year olds can speak. My little boy is 2 next week and still not saying much words. For example he won’t say ‘ mama juice’ or ‘ drink’ but he does remember his numbers and can count to 10. He can say abcd etc and is still babbling a lot. He’s very vocal but not saying words as such. He can say daddy and mama... but won’t call out to me ‘ mama’ if he wants something if you know what I’ll mean. Is this normal? He’s got his 2 year check coming up soon just wondered what your 2 year olds can say,

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My boy is 2 in May and is very much still a babbler! He understands everything I’m saying but doesn’t know how to respond. He just says random words over and over again.

He isn’t at the stage of saying abc or counting yet but does say things like cat, cow, car etc.

My friends little girl is 3 days younger and she’s so good at talking but his nursery have said boys are generally slower. She also said he clear understands and is plenty vocal, even if it is babbling x

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Ermmmm interesting isn’t it.. how they all develop at different rates. Also lockdown surely hasn’t helped either. Your lb seems well on his way though and I’m hoping as he’s recently started back at nursery that would help too.... all we do is seem to worry as a mama... thanks for your response xx

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I meant quite good*

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Definitely! Lockdown has had an effect! He moves up to the toddler room in a few weeks (STOP GROWING 🥺) so they seem to think being around bigger kids will encourage him more. I think we will always worry, it’s our job xx

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Absolutely.... a life time of worry lol... my lb moves up to toddler room this month so hopefully that will help him more to xx

Their understanding will be better than their speech and probably start speaking better towards 2.5 to 3 years.. keep singing , modelling language, showing pictures to words and lots of praise etc. I would say that's quite for your 2 year old now. The 2 year check will check some speech but more response and understanding eg can you put the trains in the box,etc

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I see... it’s all about understanding what I say rather than what he can say at this point! Hopefully he’ll start very soon xx

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Yeah I know just seems like a long time before you can probably even have a conversation..

My lb was 2 in January and he has only just started to say words I can understand but he still likes to babble alot, last time I spoke to my hv this was before Christmas i asked her about it and she said they should be very vocal between the age of 2.5 and 3 years, It's good your lb can say numbers and ABC my lb cant even say that even tho I try teaching him, hopefully your lb will start talking more for you x

I see... its hard not to compare but just have to remember they all develop in their own time. It’s funny because you don’t want them to grow up too quickly but also frustrated when not meeting milestones.... your lb will get there as will mine 😘😘

Hi My son turned 3 last month and still cannot speak fluently. He is only now starting to put 3 words together to form a sentence, when he was 2 he did have his check up and they said he is speech delayed, this is more common than we know, my son is so advanced physically but just struggles with speech. At first it worried myself and his dad because we would see other kids his age speaking just fine, and would wish the same. But like I always say, every child is different, they shine in their own time, if your seeing improvements then it’s a start. I do believe that him going to nursery and getting that extra help from his key worker has done wonders. When he was 1/12 2 he wouldn’t even speak he would just point and make a noise, now he will say “mommy juice” or “daddy is coming” or when I pick him up from nursery he will say “hi mommy” it took a while to get where we are and still more to do but it’s all about the progress. And definitely speak to someone if your worried. Is your son at nursery?

Thank you for sharing your story.... he’s just started back at nursery after a whole year off due to covid and he has only been with me and dad really... hardly any interaction with anyone. He’s been back at nursery for a few weeks and I’ve noticed he so much more vocal when I pick him up etc... he’s going up into toddler room this month so hopefully will pick more things up then..... he’s also so advanced physically.... you know he runs, climbs, tries jumping off things and has just mastered jumping so it really is just his speech... but he’ll get there I’m sure 😘😘

Hi again. Yes to me it sounds like he couldn’t wait to get back to nursery and interact with other people bless him. I’m sure he will continue to pick up his speech because he sounds like a determined little boy like mine. All the best x

I wouldn’t worry at this stage. I have 4 children 3 boys and a girl all completely different. My 17 month old says a few random works mamma, clock , car but the rest of the time it’s just babbling. They one day just start saying stuff and you won’t remember when he didn’t talk. Video those days it makes you smile and cry when you look back a few years later it’s amazing hearing there little Voices before they could speak. My eldest is 15 and I miss him being small 😢😊

Get yourself and your child watching and copying the Lingokids videos on YouTube they are awesome! Don’t necessarily need to buy the app as it’s expensive but the videos Avila or are more than helpful. Good luck! Remember to look them square in the face and slowly and clearly explain your words and instructions make sure that language is fun and descriptive as well as enhancing enjoyment with lots of praise and practical use of it. Avoid jargon even if talking to an adult with the child present so they can listen and give them chance to be part of conversations to build confidence in being able to speak when they choose to without waiting more than 1 minute to get to speak this child led and gentle approach should encourage a good relationship with speaking and bring out a willingness to talk about things they like looking at playing with or doing

My little boy is 2 in May and we can just about have a conversation with him, he can sing songs and his speech is amazing, but he can’t count to ten (he says 1,2, 8, 9, 10 😂 I’ve no clue what happened to 3,4,5,6 and 7) or know his abc’s so I think they just all develop differently. My nephew didn’t properly speak until he was almost 3, literally saying the odd word, and I mean the odd word up to that point, then he just started talking and that was it he was off! They’re all just different, your little one clearly has good understanding and I’m sure he’ll speak when he’s ready 🥰


My son is 2 years 2 months and his speech is really good. He can count to 20 (and from 10 backwards!), he knows about 6 or 7 colours, he is now started to put 3/4 words in a sentence and understands everything you say to him.

He said he first words (Duck and Quack) at 10 months, but didn't walk until 15 and a half months. He can't jump and although he does climb is a bit more reserved.

Every child is different, nursery will soon you let you know if they are concerned.

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